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Further Reflections on The Big Leak

Is that thing alive? Yes.

Is it a human life? Yes.

Is it acceptable to knowingly kill a human without just cause? No.

Can simply not wanting to share the planet with an innocent human who has committed no violence and threatens no harm constitute just cause for killing that human?

Peace-through-principle vs. Peace-at-any-cost

I do not always agree with Garry Kasparov on general matters of ordinary politics, but on Putin and the current stage of Putin’s war of conquest against the West, I know of no other popular voice today who speaks with such clarity and uncompromised principle. Of the many appeasing & contrary to history and reality pieces I have read during Putin’s war of...

Garry Kasparov Calls BS on the World’s “Strong Response”

I am just placing this out here for those who, like myself, do not have Twitter accounts and generally do not waste time in the world of competing echo chambers. Here, for once, is an echo that deserves to reverberate around for a while. Open your mind to it, and give it your full consideration. That’s all….

Public Advocacy and Hypocrisy

I saw a headline from Fox News (where else?) declaring that Mark Levin — former “conservative radio firebrand,” now Republican establishment populist for cash — has said that Joe Biden is the closest thing to a dictator that America has ever had. That’s rich, coming from a man who, just five years ago, publicly sold his soul and his former Tea Party audience...

Some Questions About Socialism (and One Answer)

Garry Kasparov describes socialism, correctly, as communism with “better marketing.” He abhors dictatorship and all evidence of authoritarianism, and believes it is incumbent on free nations to take hard stands against global aggressors like Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, and the Mullahs in Iran. Why, then, is he a consistent and vocal supporter of the Democratic Party? Please do not say, “Because at least...

Enough Already With the Trump-As-Victim Stuff

Patterico at RedState has recently become one of my favorite analysts of the nuts-and-bolts nuttiness of the Trump era, and the doltishness of the man himself. He doesn’t rely on hyperbole to make his points, but neither does he pull punches in assessing the “mind” and behavior of the Dufus-in-Chief and his rotating bootlickers (almost said “rotisserie of bootlickers”). His latest is a...