Moral Equivalency Defined

Here is a perfect example of the art and logic of moral equivalency, from Professor Koo Kab-woo at the University of North Korean Studies in Seoul. 

Addressing, or rather promoting, the concern that Donald Trump might say or do something careless or bombastic during his South Korean trip, Professor Koo says, “If Trump says anything that can provoke North Korea, it could send military tensions soaring again.”

There it is. The “tensions,” whatever might have caused them (who can say?), have settled recently, but if they rise again due to Trump’s rhetoric during his visit to Seoul, then the resulting danger will be on America’s head for having “provoked” it. 

This is how you legitimize and normalize a thoroughly illegitimate and tyrannical regime. Pretend their sensitivities are understandable, and that, if not carelessly “provoked,” they might begin to act as responsible members of the so-called international community.

More on this, and Trump’s Asian vacation in general, coming soon. Stay tuned….

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