Never saw that coming! (snicker)

So Donald the Baby-Brained Demagogue has commuted the sentence of Roger Stone, one of the leading cretins responsible for foisting his moronic dung heap of a presidency upon a once-great nation that will have finished its last writhing moments of life by the time he is carted out of the White House and back to the trash-TV moral dumpster where he belongs. Gee, who could have seen this coming? 

The first thought that springs to my mind, since very little of anything that may be called “thought” can ever spring to mind in connection with the Trump presidency, is this: “I wonder how the great constitutional lawyer and Tea Party freedom fighter Ted Cruz is going to construct a way to praise this decision as yet another example of his hero Donnie’s perfect genius, without digging his own pit of sycophantic hypocrisy any deeper than it already is.”

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