Jot Notes from Underground

If you want a perfect synopsis of our political reality today, and where we are headed, read Brave New World. If you want to grasp the psychological weakness that precipitated the fall of modern civilization, read King Lear. If you want to know the mind of the bureaucratic expert class that is manipulating mass opinion and electoral politics in the name of advancing its power and its dreams of a perfectly micromanaged state, read Philip Dru: Administrator by Woodrow Wilson’s best friend and closest advisor, Edward Mandell House. If you want to understand the moral condition of our young revolutionary activists and their academic mentors, read Crime and Punishment. If you want to learn how this moment was achieved in political practice, and see a glimpse of the long, difficult road to any hope of regeneration, read The Case Against Public Education

Oh, sorry, did I miss Canada Day this year? Gee, what a shame. My consolation, I suppose, is that I am not alone in having missed it. I was joined by thirty-five million other Canadian citizens, although most of them probably think they observed it. In fact, the geopolitical entity to which that blandly renamed “holiday” refers no longer exists. How do you “observe” a day that celebrates a non-existent nation?

America’s Independence Day is, or rather would have been, coming up two days from this writing. Repeat previous comment.

If Joe Biden wins the U.S. election in November, America will have knowingly elected its first literally senile president, and a complete puppet of the progressive authoritarian establishment. If Donald Trump wins, America will have knowingly reelected its least qualified and most carelessly destructive president, and a complete puppet of the progressive authoritarian establishment. Could an American voter face a more ridiculous predicament than this? Of course, he could always rebuke the “two-party system” by voting for the most viable third party alternative, namely the Cheech and Chong party (Libertarian). 

White privilege update. As of today, being white affords me the privilege of being represented, in racial collectivist circles, by the likes of Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau, Greta Thunberg, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates — a moronic blowhard, a Marxist fop, an ignorant teenage communist prop, a leftist punk who has suckered the entire advanced world into living as superficial dupes for his advertising revenue, and the smiling face of progressive corporatist tyranny.

When even the thrill of systemic oppression leaves you feeling empty.

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