It’s World “Scare a Progressive” Day!

Progressives, as I have recently reiterated, are motivated primarily by a debilitating fear, specifically the fear of life’s vicissitudes, risks, and challenges, i.e., of all those things that cumulatively constitute the conditions for spiritual growth and emotional maturation. In short, progressives are spiritual and emotional infants, and will do anything and kill anyone to stay that way.

Hence, World Down Syndrome Day must be just about the most disturbing day of the year for progressives, as the whole purpose of this day is to celebrate the lives of people whose very existence among us is, on so many levels, a reminder of life’s untidiness, and of the constant human imperative of adapting oneself to sub-optimal situations, and of facing up to life’s challenges with responsibility and willpower. In other words, it is a day that reminds us what it means to be an adult human being in the full sense, and particularly a person who accepts life’s challenges with courage and equanimity, rather than shirking them with childish self-absorption and tyrannical escapism.

In honor of World Down Syndrome Day, then, and also in honor of responsible adulthood, that secret realm where progressives dare to tread only when they are hunting for scapegoats or looking for money, I wish to remind you of two pieces I wrote last year about the global progressives’ hateful wish to annihilate all people with Down Syndrome, in their desperate crusade to make their world a little neater — and their souls a little blacker.

As the two pieces are related, I suggest you read (or re-read) them in order:

The New Social Justice Cry: Kill the Disabled

Of Down Syndrome, Death, and Deer

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