Is Trump Leaking (more than just IQ points)?

Soopermexican at Right Scoop has gathered together some of the Twitter responses to the suspicious timing of the latest New York Times “bombshell” about Jeff Sessions’ meetings with the Russian ambassador, as many wonder aloud whether Donald Trump’s White House itself is the leaker in this case. This, the theory goes, would help Trump get rid of Sessions and replace him with an Attorney General who would fire special counsel Robert Mueller.

The case in favor of this theory is that:

(a) The timing is too perfect for Trump, coming a day after the President openly expressed his disappointment in Sessions in an exclusive interview with the New York Times;

(b) Trump and his team have a history of creating and/or exploiting “leaks,” scandals, and kook conspiracies about opponents — think of each of the leading challengers to Trump during the primaries;

(c) Trump’s chief “conservative media” bootlickers, such as Sean Hannity and Hugh Hewitt, immediately leapt to their microphones to heap venom on Sessions, the same man whom all Trump cultists had adored when he was the only sitting U.S. Senator crooked enough to officially endorse the Orange McConnell;

(d) When Trump himself tweeted about this latest Sessions story, he didn’t call it fake news, but rather criticized the “illegal leaks,” implying that the information being leaked — and which he was helping to disseminate by drawing more attention to it — was true:

Doesn’t the first sentence sound more like an announcement than a criticism? “Hey everyone, there’s a new INTELLIGENCE LEAK about Jeff Sessions. (By the way, these leaks just have to stop.)” Why is he advertising a reported leak that harms his Attorney General? Furthermore…

(e) Trump followed up on that tweet, barely an hour later, with this one:

Another overt attack on Sessions, and in exactly Trump’s style: the big lie. “So many people” are asking him (a favorite Trump blowhardism) why Jeff Sessions isn’t following through on Trump’s campaign promise to investigate Hillary.

Well, the answer to those “many people” is quite simple: Trump himself nixed the idea publicly, saying of his long-time friend Hillary, to whom he donated massively for years, that she “went through a lot and suffered greatly,” and that “I don’t want to hurt the Clintons, I really don’t.” (By the way, that statement was also from an exclusive NYT interview after the election. If he isn’t working in cahoots with the NYT to advance a liberal agenda while pretending to excoriate the Times as “fake news” to divert the attention of his cult, then he’s an even weaker “beta male” fool than I think he is.) 

Why would he revive the old “lock her up” mantra now, and falsely pin his own rejection of it on the Attorney General, except to rile up his moronic base against Sessions?

So that’s the case for pinning the timing of the Sessions-Russia story on Trump and his henchmen. The coincidence is suspicious, it serves his purposes at this moment of panic over Mueller’s Russia investigation, and Trump’s own response to the leak, along with that of his media surrogates, has been to pile on against Sessions rather than defend him.

On the other hand, we have the case against this theory of Trump as leaker: Trump is too stupid to do anything even so superficially clever.

I mean look at that second tweet: “So many people are asking why isn’t the A.G. or Special Council looking at the many Hillary Clinton or Comey crimes. 33,000 e-mails deleted?”

The first sentence shows Trump doesn’t understand the difference between direct and reported speech, or the rules for writing either one. And you would think a man obsessing publicly for months about his treatment at the hands of Robert Mueller, a special counsel, would have learned by now the difference between a “counsel” and a “council.”

It’s a sad day for liberty, language, and civilized discourse when the putative “leader of the free world” uses his native language with roughly the same facility as the Russian internet trolls defending him on Breitbart.

Is Donald Trump leaking against his own attorney general? You be the judge. You’ll have to be, in fact, since one of the saddest products of this era that has coughed up such phlegm as a political class, and such propagandistic bile as its contemporary chroniclers (the “news media”), is that there is no longer any hope of nailing down a plausibly convincing account of anything that is really happening, or who is controlling it. 

In other words, if you want to know the real, certain, definite, non-fake truth about what is happening in Washington, I guess you’ll just have to wait for Trump’s next top-secret bombshell meeting with his friends at the New York Times.

Based on tangible results, however, we do know this much: What is happening in Washington is destructive of the United States, of modern liberty, of any semblance of civilized polity and public discourse, and of any hope the world might return to a semi-rational state at any time in the foreseeable future.

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