Finest Hour Ends Early

This will come as no surprise to anyone who has visited Limbo before, but I believe Donald Trump is an ignoramus, a coward, an insecure willowy fraud willing to say or do anything to keep people from disliking him, and a knee-jerk progressive without so much as a New York values minute to waste on such peccadilloes as “right and wrong.”

As I noted a few days back, Trump’s positive COVID-19 test and subsequent certain “death” (i.e., quick and inconsequential bout of minor flu symptoms) set the publicity-stunt president up perfectly for a rare moment of saying the right thing, which he promptly did by telling Americans — from a position of firsthand knowledge — that the virus was not to be feared. In other words, in his finest (if accidental) hour, if you tried really hard to ignore everything else you knew about him, Trump almost sounded like a rational and courageous leader. 

Finest hours end early, however, for ignorant cowardly frauds with New York progressive reflexes and no moral compass. So it is that since that lucky moment when his megalomaniacal interest happened to coincide with common sense, Trump has spent every subsequent moment reminding everyone not in his cult what he really is.

The latest and greatest monument to the speedy recovery of his wrecking-ball-level stupidity is his declaration, during an interview with profiteering fraud and junior high school hero-worshipper Rush Limbaugh, that not only does he want a new coronavirus “relief” package as soon as possible — contradicting his own very recent statements — but in fact he “would like to see a bigger stimulus package, frankly, than either the Democrats or the Republicans are offering.” In other words, he wants to add over two trillion more dollars to his country’s already irredeemable and bankrupting national debt.

Because this might help him win the election in the standard manner of unprincipled panderers — bribing the public with their own money. Because this might make him look more “caring” and “generous” than even Nancy Pelosi’s Communist Party proposal. Because he knows that Rush Limbaugh will make kissing sounds over the phone and thank the Dear Leader for this kind and courageous offer, rather than doing what a so-called conservative should do in this context, which is hang up the phone and say, “We don’t have a president, we have the world’s most shameless shoeshine boy.”

Trump’s cultists, of course, will work overtime — I’m sure you can find their efforts over at American Thinker right now, if you have the time to waste checking (I don’t) — trying to persuade “you” (read “themselves) that this declaration is just evidence of the world-class chess-champion negotiator. “This is how you make a deal in the business world,” they will offer in their Idiot-Master’s defense. 

“The business world.” The last hopeless plea of the morally bankrupt and politically lost.

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