Easter Musings: What We Have Learned

The man whose life is celebrated on Easter weekend died at age thirty-three, having been earnestly engaged in the full blossom of his life’s mission for just a few short years. He died condemned as a criminal, and at the time was mocked and ridiculed, or simply ignored, by most of his fellow men. So much for the ultimate significance of empires and chanting crowds. In the end, all the vainglorious decrees of the powerful, and the fearful shouting of the compliant mob, are remembered, and will always be remembered, as nothing but worn out welcome mats at the various doorways to mankind’s spiritual development — threadbare, earthbound, and irredeemably soiled with the dirt of eons, from the shoes of the aspirational minority of men who survived and transcended all their condemnation and mockery, inevitably.

I think of this today, Easter Sunday here in Korea, as I consider several old men in Hong Kong, convicted this week by apparatchiks of the Chinese Communist Party, for the crime of advocating political freedom.

I think of it as I consider the fact that much of the world’s cotton, along with many famous corporate products of our time, are currently being produced through the use of Uyghur slave labor, as that ethnic minority is forcibly re-educated, sterilized, and then worked to death for the benefit of others, under the whip of the Chinese Communist Party.

I think of it as I consider the words of “controversial” (i.e., more honest than most) American biologist Bret Weinstein, who continues to insist that the Covid-19 virus most likely originated from a leaked lab experiment, and criticizes the “fairy tale” of a natural origin that is being proffered and fiercely defended by the “mainstream scientific community,” aka Anthony Fauci and the rest of the consensus-builders who use the levers of peer review and “expert” gatekeeping to determine what passes for truth in academic and government research. In Weinstein’s judgment, this scientific mainstream — again, that means the entire edifice of what is called “science” for the purposes of public discourse today — “feels pressure to find proof that the virus originated in a natural way.” Pressure? Science being motivated in its research by political pressure to turn out certain results while avoiding certain other results? Pure, evidence-based rational investigation compromised by vested interests or non-truth-based agendas? Imagine that! And where, pray tell, might that pressure be coming from in this case? And to what end? And to whose benefit? 

To whose benefit, indeed. I will tell you to whose benefit. For I have had my fill of the world of short-range assessments and time-bound terrors. I have run out of patience for imagining that any establishment anywhere could ever honorably represent the causes of freedom and truth. And I have forsaken all strained pretenses of faith in “the common man.” I am therefore able to tell you directly who stands to benefit from the fatal corruption of science, aka the rational search for truth. I can tell you who benefits from billions collectively turning a blind eye to their own and their neighbors’ enslavement for the sake of protecting their greed, for the sake of their material convenience, for the sake of “not stirring up trouble.” I know who will benefit from the crowd’s passively watching, or rather closing their eyes, as brave old men are imprisoned for the crime of defying authority in defense of their fellow men’s freedom, even as men around the world rapidly lose their own liberty to speak their minds in public, to act on their own consciences, to keep and use the fruits of their own labor, or to live their daily lives as they will without state monitoring and popular condemnation. 

Who benefits? Those few who continue to stand upright through all this ephemeral and self-deluded emasculation of mankind, and who will therefore finally wipe the soles of their shoes on the remnants of all our tyrants and mobs, as they have always done in the past, before stepping into a world of life that transcends all this nonsense, where they will serve as the guardians of a permanent and inextinguishable lighthouse for those of us who seek our ideas of “comfort” and truth beyond this infinitesimal moment of near nothingness.

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