Democrats and Republicans Today

Today’s Democrats and Republicans both tend to elevate idiots and transparent climbers as their nominal leaders and popular spokesmen. The Democrats do this to create a homely and familiar public face for their radical and anti-American intentions. The Republicans do this because they actually believe that their idiots and climbers are great men and born leaders. This difference reveals the Republicans as more honest, but dumber, and the Democrats as more manipulative, but smarter (in the way that a slip-and-fall lawyer is smart). This honesty gap explains why, when it comes to taking the nation’s temperature in a presidential election, Republican winners tend to be close matches for the majority of their party’s voters, whereas Democrat winners tend to be candy-coated versions of their party’s genuine mainstream. The Republicans’ popular national leaders actually represent the spiritual pulse of the party; the Democrats’ popular national leaders are typically Trojan horses. American political life has thus been reduced to a “binary choice” between straight-talking fools and clever subversives.

Occasionally, just to shake things up, the system will furnish America with a clever fool, such as Mitch McConnell or Ted Cruz, or a straight-talking subversive, such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or Ilhan Omar.


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