Just a Normal Day in Abnormal America

Republican congressman Justin Amash, who leans hard libertarian, claimed this weekend that he had found impeachable offenses in the Mueller report, though he doesn’t seem to be able to specify what these are, and in fact takes pains to argue that the constitutional phrase “high crimes and misdemeanors” does not actually imply any definable offense.

Meanwhile, President Trump claims that he doesn’t wish to go to war with Iran, but that if he ever did, boy, there wouldn’t be no Iran no more.

Trump also joined other progressive Republicans in criticizing the Alabama legislature and governor for creating a law outlawing all abortion except in cases where the mother’s life is at risk. Specifically, he said that he is “strongly Pro-Life, with the three exceptions — Rape, Incest, and protecting the Life of the mother.” I won’t try to explain his capitalization of Rape and Incest — are they perhaps the names of lesser Roman gods? — nor will I be much help in deciphering how a man can be “strongly” pro-life but nevertheless sanguine about punishing babies with the death penalty for the sins of the adults (rapists or incestuous relatives) who fathered them.

Trump also boasts that he will protect “pre-existing conditions” (i.e., support the spirit of socialized health care), revive the U.S. military from being “a depleted disaster” (meaning, I suppose, that America would have been trounced in a war against Iran or Zimbabwe two years ago?), and that he is “protecting your 2nd Amendment” — interesting that he calls it “your” 2nd Amendment, implying that he doesn’t much care for it himself, which is also indicated by his repeated statements and actions directly opposing “your” 2nd Amendment.

He has done all of this, and “much, much more that nobody else would have been able to do” — spoken like a true cult leader, which of course is exactly what he is.

All of this serious political activity — Amash’s impeachment non-argument and Trump’s childish boasts — took place on Twitter, of course, a social media service which exists exclusively for the purpose of making a few people with the consciences of pimps rich at the expense of the minds, lives, dignity, and independent thought of millions. 

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