“But Hillary!”

A quick recap of recent progress in swamp-draining.

Over the past two months, Donald Trump, the President of the United States, who actually had the personal authority to make the decisions at issue, has:

  • signed the most superfluous and bankrupting spending bills in U.S. history, in response to an economic “crisis” directly and deliberately precipitated by his own and his party’s destructive “emergency” policy decisions.
  • used the condescending and self-aggrandizing impulses of his administration’s “expert” class, in combination with the greedy and duplicitous fearmongering of the so-called news media, as a shield to hide his own culpability in actively fostering a mentality of mass cowardice and slavish compliance in America, promoting and rationalizing perhaps the most excessive and universal government crackdown on the peaceful lives of law-abiding citizens that America has ever seen.
  • responded to the radical left’s provocations on race and policing — a level of violent mass uprising that may be traced directly to the social climate of fear and restraint imposed by his own endorsement of lockdowns and “social distancing” — by repeatedly and cavalierly threatening to mobilize the U.S. military against American citizens, in defiance of the longstanding principle of extreme restraint in setting the military in opposition to Americans on U.S. soil.
  • seen his first and most highly-touted supreme court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, reveal himself as arguably the most extreme activist judge on the court, effectively ending property rights in America by ruling that “sex discrimination” must now be interpreted to include disapproving of an employee’s personal sexual behavior, in defiance of the original letter and obvious intent of the Civil Rights Act’s biological-reproductive definition of “sex.”
  • used his executive order powers to introduce ill-considered and precipitate measures on “police reform” which implicitly endorse the Obama-era concept of gradually nationalizing the police, by means of federal standards and certifications that effectively turn local police departments into franchises of the “U.S. Police Force.”

Of course, I have only recounted a few of the lowlights, and have confined myself to the past two months. I am ignoring for the moment his statements and presidential actions against gun rights, free markets, private business decisions, free speech, American alliances, and all of his own administration appointees who have had the audacity not to reduce themselves to bootlicking yes men, along with all of his aggressive steps and brash statements in favor of communist dictatorships, economic protectionism, Russian oligarchy, and cultish, unprincipled tribalism and demagoguery.

“But Hillary!” Yeah, whatever.

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