Joke of the Day

Here is how Republican congressman Jim Jordan responded to Joe Biden’s supposedly unscripted remark that Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in power”:

“Here’s the president potentially having more war-triggering type language than probably any president in American history,” Jordan warned. “We need to be careful and precise in things we say, particularly as commander in chief of our country.”

“We need to be careful and precise in things we say,” says a man who gave up a promising career as a member of the former “House Freedom Caucus” to become a bootlicking sycophant for Donald Trump, the most authoritarian, uninformed, and carelessly imprecise American, president or otherwise, in public statement history.

The absurdity of that comment, coming from a man who chose Trump over his country, would be the joke of the day, had Jordan himself not gone on to immediately top it:

“We went from, you know, Ronald Reagan, ‘Tear down [this wall],’ to the toughness of Trump, to now the president of the United States, President Biden, giving speeches where he basically says, ‘I don’t know what I’m doing.’ So that is very dangerous.”

“…to the toughness of Trump.” The toughness of Trump. Tough. Trump.

The same Trump who used his presidency — or rather who had his presidency used by his Russian string-holder — to lay out the red carpet for Putin’s aggression against Ukraine today. The same Trump who gushed for four years, and who still gushes today, about the genius and strength and admirability of Putin, Xi Jinping, and even Kim Jong Un for God’s sake, because he is so lacking in courage, intelligence, or morality that he cannot understand that totalitarian dictators are bad, and not to be praised and aggrandized by American presidents. The same Trump who invented a massive voter fraud claim months in advance of an election, and then used that cynical and fraudulent invention to promote violence against the United States Federal Government and to foment a deep-seated anti-Americanism in millions of his followers — all because he was and remains too small, too weak, too much of a pantywaist to accept the unpleasant reality of potential defeat like a man, and like every other candidate in the history of the American presidency has had to do, and has done.

Joe Biden said on the world stage that a murderous dictator currently engaged in his latest overt attack against the civilized democratic world deserves to be ousted from power. Donald Trump called that same murderous dictator a genius with regard to the very same attack, and when tossed a softball by his friendliest member of the media, Sean Hannity, simply asking him to agree that Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is evil, repeatedly refused to say so.

“The toughness of Trump.” Joke of the day, hands down, no rivals possible.

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