Bannon Admits Trump is an Impotent Know-Nothing

Steve Bannon, for several months Donald Trump’s court eunuch (Who knew a jester could have his own eunuch?) has now elevated himself to an even more exalted position: Chief Propagandist of Whining Excuses for the King’s Impotence.

I haven’t had the heart to click over to Breitbart (aka “Trumpbart,” “Breitbarf,” etc.) in quite some time, but my friend and fellow “establishment hack Hillary-lover” C. Edmund Wright, who used to write for Bannon’s Breitbart (and recently wrote a very informative article about him), e-mailed me to note:

It’s amazing: according to BB staff: nothing is Trump’s fault. It’s all McMaster, Ivanka, Jared, Cohn, GOP establishment types and so on….nothing is ever Trump’s fault.

To which I replied:

I suppose that’s just a continuation of their attitude all along. If some guy in Wisconsin helps an old lady across the street, that’s because Trump is making America great again. If Trump contributes zero to the Obamacare “repeal” debate beyond a couple of mindless tweets about how Obamacare sucks, so the whole effort flops, that’s not Trump’s fault, but rather evidence that everyone is trying to thwart Trump and deny him his rightful victory.

True to form for Trump, and by extension for his cult, the only thing he ever really “wins” at is whining — world champion excuse-maker and blame-shifter. The GOP was way more against Reagan than they are against Trump, but Reagan got some things done, it seems to me. And for what it’s worth, Trump’s “accomplishments” so far, such as they are, are all the work of other people in the administration, since of course he has no idea what needs to be accomplished, or how one would go about doing that. The great deal-maker.

Isn’t it interesting that Trump, the alpha male who was going to singlehandedly drain the swamp because he knew how to lead and wasn’t beholden to any special interests, now needs a whole team of punks dedicated to protecting him from being duped and manipulated by establishment weasels like Reince Priebus and Mitch McConnell?
Isn’t this an admission, from the cult’s own head Kool-Aid distributor, that Trump’s whole persona was a fraud from the get-go, and that the insiders all knew it? Isn’t Bannon’s current ego trip really a concession of the obvious at last, namely that Trump is, as he always has been, nothing but a brand name, over the rights to which various clever businessmen are fighting? Bannon has revealed, to anyone who can read, that Trump — the President of the United States — is not even an active participant in the administration in-fighting. He is in so far over his inflatable head that his erstwhile “chief strategist” has lost even the will to pretend anymore that Trump is the man in charge. He is in charge of nothing because he knows nothing, cares about nothing, and has no interest in trying to learn and understand what is happening around him.
Conservatives used to say the same thing about Obama, and it was largely true. Many used to say it about George W. Bush, and that was also largely true. Notice a pattern here? The only difference is that this time the clever manipulators have found a vehicle who makes Bush and Obama look like Thomas Jefferson and Frederick Douglass. 
Iagos like Steve Bannon and his establishment rivals always believe, like the original Iago himself, that they are much smarter than the center stage heroes they wish to manipulate. That belief is essential to their character and their plans. The problem is that in this case, the prop behind which they are hiding is built entirely on the image of his supposed independence, strength, and iconoclastic genius. If it turns out he was just another cardboard cut-out all along (which some of us always said he was), what will his cultists do? They didn’t think they were leaping on the Steve Bannon bandwagon, whatever Bannon would like to think. They were led to believe the reality TV Trump was the genuine article.
Now that Bannon has spilled the beans, revealing Trump’s true impotence, what will happen to the minds and souls of all those people who have been so thoroughly abused and corrupted? Especially when they begin to realize that Bannon himself is one of the prime suspects in their abuse and corruption. 
Now that’s an alt-right uprising I’d like to see.

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