A Real Chess Master Assesses a Fake One

Donald Trump’s White House has simply refused to impose sanctions voted for by veto-proof majorities of the House and Senate — sanctions, not surprisingly, against Russia. Sanctions related to the Putin regime’s active interference in the 2016 Presidential Election, among other thuggeries. Why doesn’t this even seem peculiar?

Trump’s groupies are hell-bent on persuading themselves — we’re way past the stage when they could hope to persuade anyone else, so they are only working on themselves now — that their idol is, as they recite with obnoxious repetitiveness, a master of multi-dimensional chess, the absurd implication being that his thinking is so grandly logical that no one can understand anything he does. It’s interesting that they choose chess as their model of genius, chess being a game that is only marginally popular in America, while being wildly popular, almost national-identity level popular, in…well, you know where.

As for the great impenetrable logic of the Orange McConnell, here’s what an actual chess master has to say about Trump’s reasoning.

But wait! Kasparov make a spelling mistake there: “Is is possible…?” Ha! I guess he’s ain’t so smarty after all. Just another unbeliefing covfefe around whom Our Trump is running rinks with his marvelous strategy to Make Russia America Great Again! Haha! Hahahaha! Hahahahahaha to all you Deep State anti-Trump TRAITORS! Ha! Your mother! (As we say in my home state of Techsas Abalama.)

UPDATE: If you really want to understand the “deep state,” consider that the actual legislation passed almost unanimously by the House and Senate did not actually force the Trump administration to impose sanctions, but only recommended them against entities connected with Russian arms sales — with a list of built-in exceptions that might be used by Trump to refrain from imposing them, should he choose not to do so. And of course he chose not to do so. 

Therefore, we may update Kasparov’s commentary to reflect the whole scenario more fairly:

Trump “defies” Congress to protect Putin, who attacked the US election to help Trump. Those are the optics that are being passed off as facts by the various interests concerned — the media to strike at Trump, the Congress to give the appearance of being tough on Putin while actually washing their hands of real responsibility. As for the Trump administration’s choice to exercise the escape clause on all the proposed sanctions, that’s because…well, because “exceptions,” you know, top secret stuff you wouldn’t understand. Chess, baby!

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