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Donald Trump and his owner, Mitch McConnell, spent two years of Republican control of the White House and Congress doing exactly nothing to advance Trump’s “signature campaign promise” (most hypnotizing cult mantra), “The Wall.” Then, with Democrats taking control of the House of Representatives, Trump rejected a deal that would provide less border funding than he allegedly wanted, which in turn was far...

Slaves In Their Free Time

Essential liberty is slipping away from modern civilization, as the so-called free world succumbs by degrees to its homegrown form of tyranny, brilliantly forecast by Tocqueville in his speculation on a potential condition of contented self-enslavement which he called “soft despotism.”¬†For everyone who sees this radical divesting of mankind’s birthright for what it is, however, there are a thousand others dismissing such views...

Not a Cloud in the Sky

And then where would we be? Tocqueville’s soft despotism is defined here: no clouds, no struggle, nothing to overcome, no accomplishment of value; just the comfort of never having to worry much about it — where “it” means life. If there were no clouds, The sun would have no courage, Nothing to break through