Donald Trump and his owner, Mitch McConnell, spent two years of Republican control of the White House and Congress doing exactly nothing to advance Trump’s “signature campaign promise” (most hypnotizing cult mantra), “The Wall.”

Then, with Democrats taking control of the House of Representatives, Trump rejected a deal that would provide less border funding than he allegedly wanted, which in turn was far less than would actually be required to fulfill this phony promise.

Now, Trump is being trained how to spell his name again, in order to sign a Democrat-owned border deal that will give him less than he rejected before — the great dealmaker strikes again. (McConnell, that is.)

Trump is covering his withering, flabby butt on this complete negotiating failure and act of abject cowardice by claiming he will just use executive authority — which he and Mark Levin believe he has, but which Levin at least would have denied to high heaven if the president asserting it had been named Barack Obama — to build the fake wall using “emergency powers” and manna from heaven.

This means that the entire fallout from this whole empty charade — empty since “The Wall” was never a wall, never intended to be completed, and never based on sound reasoning or rational accounting — will be exactly and exclusively this: The executive branch of the U.S. Government is about to set yet another bar-lowering precedent on the use of constitutionally unjustified powers.

Donald Trump’s Republican administration — funny how these totalitarian encroachments so often seem to come during GOP administrations, isn’t it? — is going to take a big step toward fulfilling all the worst nightmare scenarios pitched during the Obama years by paranoid conspiracy theorists, regarding executive overreach: potentially using the military as domestic law enforcement; creating phony “emergency” rhetoric to justify special governmental powers that will never be rescinded; restricting gun ownership and using mental health language to justify limiting the constitutional rights of American citizens; and exploiting so-called national security excuses to justify systematic and routine violations of private property.

It’s almost as if the two sides of the American political “aisle” were working together to fulfill a shared power-mad dream of an ever-hardening soft despotism, isn’t it? That’s a rhetorical question; don’t bother answering. Just weep, or laugh bitterly, as your personal character would have it.

The Trump cult used to be a little fun, in that dark humor sort of way. Now they just kind of make me sick. I have recently described them as the dumbest humans ever to walk the face of the Earth. That was generous language. They have willingly, happily, orgiastically volunteered to be the fuel used to burn the noblest founding document in political history, all in the name of mindless reverence for a man almost as stupid and worthless as they are. If there is a Hell — other than the one these hateful, cowardly turds are helping the U.S. Government build on Earth — one has to believe they have secured their place in it.

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