Yes, he is that weak

Lest anyone imagine that Trump’s boasting this week about his ability to bankrupt a nation even faster than he can bankrupt a business is limited to matters of mere economic survival, the Orange God himself has taken pains to remind Americans that he is just as brave and unprecedented in promoting moral bankruptcy.


As Dana over at Patterico’s site observes:

It speaks volumes that the President of the United States is willing to harshly criticize a sitting congressman and his district, and yet refer to a mad dictator as his “friend”. It speaks volumes that Trump believes that Kim Jong Un has a “great” and “beautiful vision” for his country while untold numbers of North Koreans are imprisoned, starving and being oppressed on a daily basis. It speaks volumes that Trump believes that only with him as president can Kim Jong Un’s dreams come true. (And really, when you consider what Kim Jong Un’s vision is for his country, its disturbing that Trump thinks it’s a good thing to help make a madman’s dreams come true.) It speaks volumes too that Trump believes he can manipulate Kim Jong Un into obedience, as if he were playing a high-stakes game with some sort of amateur. And I’m just gonna say that the amateur isn’t the guy who rules with an iron fist and has his own people starved, imprisoned, and killed on a regular basis. Trump just doesn’t seem to understand that he is dealing with a psychopathic liar who really doesn’t care how many times he makes and breaks a promise to denuclearize.  

I would not fundamentally disagree with any of that. Nor is any of it any surprise, or at least not to any regular visitors to Limbo, as I have been outlining Trump’s endless concessions to and defense of the puny North Korean butterball “chariman” Kim for over a year now. The big difference between my take and that of most other critics, I suppose, is in the area of motives. I believe, and have stated it again and again without a single viable argument or observable fact against me, that Trump’s reason for surrendering to Kim, to Putin, to Erdogan, to Xi, to anyone with weapons and half a brain, is that at the end of the day he is a vain, weak, niggling coward who knows he is miles out of his depth and whose only goal in all his biggest and most consequential “deals” is to save face by conning (i.e., begging) his betters to let him walk away without kicking him in the pants on the way out, so that he may continue to boast to his addle-minded fan club that he is a big strong man who will protect them forever. 

Let me state this right up front, for the record. If and when anything really dangerous threatens the security and long-term interests of the United States of America, there is not a single rational American who at that moment will not wish to God that Barack Obama were still the President. How do I reach this inference? Simple: When Kim Jong Un tested nuclear weapons on his watch, Obama did exactly nothing but express disapproval and regret. Trump, under the same circumstances, surrendered to the communists; met all their demands, along with many they had not even made yet, without demanding a single concrete concession in return; turned his back on America’s long-time allies in the region; broke commitments to the South Korean military without even consulting with them; and has spent the last year reassuring everyone who will listen that the most overtly lunatic totalitarian crackpot currently governing on this Earth is a wonderful young man, a strong leader, and his dear friend. 

That’s not negotiating, ladies and gentlemen. And it’s not appeasement either. It’s cowardice and surrender. You can try to give it another name, if that makes you feel better. But mark my words: When the rockets are aimed your way, you’ll be looking back longingly at the halcyon days of the conscienceless Butcher of Benghazi

“At least he loves America,” Trump’s reality-TV-addicted, beer-guzzling, Starship Trump worshippers are fond of saying, in answer to anything and everything.

No he does not. And neither, for that matter, do they. They are dependent children, clinging to a daddy fantasy. They will cling to him without a moment’s doubt or hesitation as he continues, at the behest of his puppeteers in Washington and beyond, and in obedience to the dictates of his soul’s abject terror, to destroy everything those followers ever pretended to believe in. All to protect his precarious vanity, his ever-diminishing ego, and the adulation of a sub-moronic mob which serves as the smokescreen behind which he hides the vague, swirling sea of failure and embarrassment that forms the substance of his infantile imagination.

The emperor of which Hans Christian Anderson famously wrote merely had no clothes. This president presents an even more dire warning of a people in subjection. For he has no skin, no innards, no spinal column.

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