With Trump, Everyone Wins

We are seeing a spate of breathless predictions of the Trump presidency’s demise. He is about to resign, says the ghostwriter of Art of the Deal. The Trump presidency is over, says the alt-right’s unofficial ambassador to the White House, Steve Bannon. Why all the negativity? Has Trump’s campaign boast come true already? Are Americans “bored of winning”?

After all, as far as I can see, almost everyone is getting what he wants from Trump’s presidency. So why all this moaning?

White supremacists wanted Trump, because they saw that he would be the first modern president to carefully avoid offending them in the name of courting their support, as his advisors knew that that special corner of the alt-right would take a shine to his campaign’s “nationalism” and “border wall” talk. Due to this tacit acceptance, organized racism feels like it has a voice in the public discussion for the first time in generations, with someone in Washington representing their concerns at last. David Duke and Richard Spencer therefore support Trump as they have supported no other president.

White supremacists win with Trump.

The mainstream media, all of them dyed-in-the-wool progressive capitalists who would sell their own mothers for ratings and advertising dollars, and have already sold their own souls for a Euro-socialist America, spent the entire 2015-2016 GOP primary season talking up the TV star Trump, giving him endless free airtime, letting him and his surrogates lie and bluster at will without calling any of them on it, and drowning out all of Trump’s Republican rivals, in order to guarantee that the dumbest and most mendacious famous man this side of Al Gore would become the face of the GOP. They succeeded, and now the GOP is wearing the Trump presidency like the garish tie you got for Christmas and feel obliged to wear, leaving the “news media” little to do but point out the lies and laugh at the dysfunction.

The mainstream media and its consumers win with Trump.

The Democratic Party saw Trump and his following as a ridiculous and unprincipled parody of everything they want Americans to believe about conservatives, and therefore as the ideal face of the GOP from the point of view of making conservatism distasteful to the mainstream. They got him, and he is outdoing even their wildest expectations of idiocy and self-destruction. He even survived the general election, giving them the added (though secret) bonus of not having to suffer through their own humiliation as the party of the uglier face of the Clinton crime syndicate.

Democrats wins with Trump.

Feminism — which tends to flop in America when it declares itself as the straight ahead Marxist movement it really is — would have lost a substantial portion of its “cause” if Hillary Clinton had become president, whereas Trump is, from that point of view, a living monument to “sexism” and “objectification,” and therefore a perfect rallying point for a crusade that was beginning to look as tired and decrepit as — well, as Hillary Clinton.

Feminists win with Trump.

Socialists in America have always had a rough go of it when speaking of their goals directly. For example, on the key socialist issue of government-run health care, while the rest of the world has fallen eagerly in line with the euphemism of “free” care, America has always had principled opposing voices like Ronald Reagan, who understood what socialized medicine really means and could articulate that understanding persuasively. Now, for the first time, the United States has elected a president who openly expressed his preference for single payer health care during his presidential campaign (even Obama had to hide it during his campaigns). Trump, along with the progressive Republican congress, have sealed the fate of health care in America in a way the Democrats never could, by officially entrenching the basic premises of Obamacare (“universal coverage,” everyone receiving “the best health care” regardless of income, etc.) as bipartisan goals, thereby ensuring that the gradual disintegration of the current unmanageable system can only tend in one direction, namely more complete government control. In other words, the Trump presidency is the pivot point toward the progressives’ big prize, full socialized medicine in America.

Socialists win with Trump.

Anti-American revolutionaries, from Ayers-style Marxists to Obama-style metrosexuals, have known, at least since the heyday of the Frankfurt School intellectuals, that America must be primed for its “fundamental transformation” by being slowly prodded into nihilism, chaos, and violence. They have therefore always tried to portray “the right” as a thin veil for institutionalized racial oppression, sexual repression, economic suppression, and in general the old patriarchic exploitation of workers, women, immigrants, and any other group that may be usefully factionalized and militarized through progressive indoctrination, from kindergarten to college. Their dearest hope has always been to create tinderboxes, moments of social tension that can be sparked into community-corrupting violence and hatred. Their dream has always been to antagonize and marginalize middle and lower class whites into lashing out irrationally against this assault on their society — ideally by falling in behind a strongman demagogue who may easily be portrayed as embodying all the neo-Marxist caricatures of conservatism: greedy, selfish, sexist, racist, oligarchical, uneducated, unscrupulous, hateful, dishonest. In short, an oversized model of the classic “capitalist pig.”

After eight years of frenetically pushing all the buttons on those middle and lower class whites, the revolutionaries know the time is ripe for the “Prairie Fire” dreamt of by Bill Ayers and his Weather Underground comrades in the mid-seventies. Now in their own mid-seventies, the former student communists, along with their young puppets among current student communists, and their financial backers among capitalist communists like George Soros et al, are laying down their cards at last.

Anti-American revolutionaries young and old win with Trump.

For generations, the chief purpose of the Republican Party establishment — an establishment which long-time establishmentarians like George Will and Bill Kristol assure us does not exist — has been to further the aims of progressive welfare statism slowly and methodically, by appearing to resist the hasty transformations proposed by their kabuki theater opponents on “the other side of the aisle,” but without fundamentally and consistently contradicting the left’s basic assumptions and arguments. The recent Republican performance on health care — voting to “repeal” Obamacare when they knew the vote would be vetoed, and then refusing to vote for the very same bill two years later, when they had a Republican president who would, in theory, sign it — revealed their duplicity and implicit progressivism a little too clearly.

Toward this uniparty establishment effort, the GOP has long sought to undermine genuine constitutional conservatism, even while continuing to sell itself as the only realistic electoral option for those conservatives, effectively doing the same thing to them that the Democrats have long done to blacks: sealing up their votes while in fact doing nothing for them, and plenty against them. In 2014, when he himself was under a concerted constitutionalist challenge, Mitch McConnell declared himself a little too clearly, vowing to “crush the Tea Party.” With the help of his major donor and endorser Donald Trump, McConnell (along with his establishment allies such as John Boehner and Karl Rove) has made great strides in that direction. 

And so in 2016, when the GOP primaries featured several genuine “outsider” candidates, including a few people with legitimate pro-liberty records who could articulate the constitutionalist message almost as well as their supporters in the general public, the establishment had a choice to make, in the name of saving their own hides and their progressive agenda from the grassroots conservative movement that threatened their power. They chose Trump: a fake outsider with a cult of fake conservatives and populist idol-worshippers; a man with no substantial support among genuine constitutionalists, and with a history of strongly opposing those constitutionalists, both verbally and financially as a long-time establishment donor; a strong supporter of “universal health care,” just like the GOP establishment’s previous chosen candidate, Mitt Romney; and, most importantly, the only candidate who appeared (like Romney four years earlier) to have the steam, the support, and the media savvy, to defeat the Tea Party conservatives’ preferred candidates.

Trump has proved the greatest boon to the GOP insiders: He crushed the Tea Party more effectively than McConnell could ever have done; his administration is largely a GOP establishment all-star team, even including McConnell’s own wife; having no ideas or principles of his own, he is essentially at the mercy of establishment advisors and experts on all major issues; and by being elected as a supposed outsider, he has become the mainstream public’s poster boy for “conservatism,” thus ensuring the demise of the genuine American conservative movement as a respectable public voice for generations — a goal the GOP has long shared with the Democrats, the media, and the radical leftists. 

The Republican Party establishment wins with Trump.

So again I ask, why all the whining about Trump’s presidency? Everyone wins with Trump! Well, okay, maybe there is one small group that feels that it isn’t quite winning at the moment — actual American constitutionalists who remember what their country once was and might have been — but that’s a tiny minority which all the other groups mentioned above would desire to crush anyway, so why worry about them?

Everyone who matters wins with Trump.

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