What About the Children!

Lately, America’s progressive mainstream media, along with their surrogates in the Democratic Party (yes, that’s how the relationship seems to work these days, so incompetent has the party become), have been trying to act scandalized and appalled at the separation of illegal immigrant children from their parents when the parents cross the Mexico-U.S.A. border.

Images of crying children, and emotionalism about the “rights of families,” are downright precious from the American left, a faction which:

  • Supports abortion rights so vociferously that much of America has late-term abortion laws more liberal than those of most of socialist Europe — in the U.S., more than half a million of “the children!” are separated from their mothers and fathers, and from their souls, as well as being separated limb from limb, each year;
  • Demands that all children be raised in government schools, thus deliberately and knowingly weakening the private family by establishing moral dependency and attachment to the state and its representatives, diluting the natural attachment of children to parents and siblings — yes, deliberately and knowingly, and if you doubt that, read Part Two of my Case Against Public Education, where I detail the intellectual history of modern public schooling;
  • Has used the blunt instruments of feminism and sexual materialism to de-eroticize modern civilization, thereby detaching political community from its traditional roots in the family bond with its natural or quasi-natural complementarity of masculine and feminine inclinations, and its teleological character with procreation and child-rearing as its normal impetus.

Progressives, as a class, have arguably been history’s most systematically anti-child and anti-family political and moral force. Nothing they say in defense of “the children!” — any children — ought to be taken seriously, except in the sense in which one must always be deadly serious in reading the intentions of an Iago.

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