It’s A Man’s World (in Women’s Cycling)

Rachel McKinnon, a man — or what the progressive materialists who define postmodern “reality” would call, redundantly, a “biological man” — has won the UCI Masters World Track Cycling Championship for women. Yes, a man is the women’s cycling champion. Or should I say he won it as a woman, although he is a man? Of course, what I mean by this is that he — Rachel, that is — identifies as a woman, and that is now enough, in the wacky world of tossing women’s (that is, actual women’s) sports under the bus of Marxist progressivism’s anti-rationality weapon du jour, “identity politics,” to justify allowing him (Rachel) to be a women’s champion, although he is (in case you missed it earlier) a biological man. 

Remember when the cause of LGBTQXYZ rights was supposed to be a useful tagalong to buttress the female Marxist (aka feminist) movement’s push to stigmatize and even criminalize heterosexuality and maleness forever? Well, those days are gone, and in the most delightful fashion. All Marxists should have to face the kind of fate that is often labeled “eating their own.” So here we are: Men are now allowed to compete and trounce women in women’s sporting events, to enter women’s bathrooms and changerooms while actual women and girls are in those rooms bathing and changing, and generally to trump the single biggest hurdle to “equality of the sexes,” namely the physical disparity, by simply being men who call themselves women; and the hapless, hopeless female Marxists have no choice but to sit there and take it.

“You asked for it!” chuckles the writer who identifies as the fifth century B.C.

Did I mention that Rachel McKinnon, the women’s (I think this would be a good time to revert to the preferable, more charming “ladies’,” don’t you?) cycling champion, is a Canadian? No surprise there. Canada was ahead of the curve in outlawing maleness, as anyone may observe by noting that country’s current PM — a transgender man avant la lettre, you might say.

Better yet, Rachel the Championette is also — even more anticlimactically — an assistant professor of philosophy. Of course he is. What else would a male women’s cycling champion be when he takes off his superhero costume?

Another day in the loony bin. Anyone still wonder why I’ve chosen to ride this one out in Limbo?

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