U.S. Presidential Debate: Live Report

I just tuned in for a few minutes of the presidential debate between Joe Biden’s ghost and Donald Trump’s tape loop, already in progress. By chance, a CNN hairdo/moderator was just embarking upon a line of questioning related to foreign policy issues, beginning with Ukraine. Here are my impressions:

Biden is reciting talking points that are presumably being fed into his ear by microchip, but still sounds like an exhausted, confused old man who applies verbal and facial expressions of anger and outrage in place of reasoned responses. 

Trump’s absolute avoidance of the issue of right and wrong regarding Ukraine, and his absurd promises to end the war before he is even sworn in for his second term, with the obvious implication that he wishes to end it at the expense of Ukraine’s sovereignty and the Western world’s credibility, is par for the course for him: incompetent blowhard stupidity and utter ignorance of political and historical reality.

As for the rest of what I have heard, which comprises the ranting noise issuing from the speakers next to me as I type this, I offer the following analysis: Could the world be in any more precarious and pathetic condition than to have this clown show playing around the world on the internet, displaying for all to see, freedom-seekers and power-seekers alike, that the fate of mankind on this Earth now rests on the outcome of a popularity contest between two men so dumb, so bitter, so self-absorbed, so small, so unreliable, and so wrong on everything that ultimately matters — a contest that serves as a terrifying reminder of what remains of the electorate of what was once considered the last bastion of liberty, but has so quickly reduced itself to the worst nightmare of liberty-lovers everywhere?

Public schooling designed by power-mad Maoists and corporate socialists, popular entertainment mass-produced according to the algorithms of nihilism and ephemeral pleasure-seeking, faith transformed into a gloating rationalization for self-serving materialism, and politics reduced to…well, to the fate of the world resting in the hands the two most laughably unhinged and uninformed self-promoters you could possibly imagine. It isn’t a joke, and it isn’t a bad dream. It is modernity coming home to roost.

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