U.S. Election Aftermath: Observations (Part I)

The American mainstream (aka Democrat) media is in a state of apoplexy over Donald Trump’s election. Many on the so-called right are reveling in the scene of helmet-haired talking heads tranforming into tin-foil-hat-wearing exploding heads before our eyes. “How could this have happened?” “How can America survive?” “What’s to become of us?” “Is it time to move abroad while we still can?”

My problem with those laughing heartily at this display of shock and ugh from the leftist media is that, taken on its face, these expressions of dismay and tears of loss are actually a perfectly legitimate response to the election of Trump. The problem isn’t that these media morons are flabbergasted at Trump’s victory — you should be too — but that they would have expressed exactly the contrary emotion had Hillary Clinton won the election. In other words, the problem is that this ought to have been an equal opportunity mope, with everyone unhappy with either of the possible outcomes. If Trump is awful, what is Hillary? If Trump is a power-mad cynic, what is Hillary? If Trump is a lying self-promoter, what is Hillary? If Trump is unhinged under pressure, what is Hillary? If Trump is one inclined to use politics as a profiteering racket, what is Hillary?

Playing rejected schoolgirl over Hillary’s loss is not merely an absurd display of double standards. It is also spitting on the graves of the Benghazi victims, and into the faces of their families. Just as Hillary did as Secretary of State.

A great friend recently celebrated Hillary’s loss by sending his friends an e-mail linking Ella Fitzgerald’s recording of “Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead” from The Wizard of Oz. As I noted to him, it is awfully pleasing to hear Ella, but the song is unfortunately apt in its title. Satisfying as it may be that the witch is “dead,” America now has to come to terms with being stuck with the ding dong.

As you may recall, “Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead” is a munchkin song. Perhaps that explains the tiny hands. Still, still…she’s gone!

Stay tuned for U.S. Election Aftermath: Observations (Part II)

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