Trump’s Friend for Life Restricts Bible Sales

Mr. President, Himself, Donald J. Trump, has repeatedly shown a penchant for hero-worshipping every successful tyrant, thug, or world-class manipulator he encounters. Whether it’s Putin, Erdogan, or Bill Clinton, a man who knows how to get what he wants, without regard to the positive value of what he wants, and without a care for how many people have to be destroyed along the way, is always most impressive to Trump.

No surprise, then — especially given the limitations he now feels on praising his true love, Putin — that he has increasingly taken a shine to his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping. Thus, though embroiled in a trade war of his own making, Trump is just sure everything will work out swimmingly, and most importantly, that he and Xi will remain great friends through it all:

“Great future for both countries!” Perhaps. But let’s take a moment to assess what China’s great future now entails, under the leadership of Trump’s forever friend President Xi:

Xi has recently been declared President for life — i.e., permanent dictator — in a move to which Trump’s only public response was to congratulate Xi and quip that perhaps it was time for America to try a similar arrangement.

Xi has wrested control of the Catholic Church away from the Vatican, now appointing China’s bishops directly from Communist Party headquarters, in a power-grab aimed at restoring Maoist-era limitations on all non-Chinese, non-communist influences.

Last week, Chinese observers reported that Xi’s government has clamped down severely on sales of the Bible, in an obvious effort to limit the dissemination of ideas regarded as detrimental to the restoration of communist orthodoxy. 

Oh yes, and that whole communism thing. Having a U.S. president with absolutely no historical or political awareness means that the free world is officially blind to China’s goals, completely ignorant of the Party’s explicitly-stated policy of using their current market-based mixed economy to beef up the country’s infrastructure and military as a prelude to an eventual restoration of full communist governance. In other words, they are simply retracing their steps and seeking to implement Marxism in a manner more consistent with Marxist ideology, with capitalist industrial development being a necessary dialectical step on the way to the workers paradise.

And Trump is just sure Xi will do “the right thing,” and that the two of them will remain “great friends.”

I’m sorry to all those who find it tiresome when I, or others, insist on using the epithet “moron” in these contexts, but honestly, in the name of literal accuracy, I haven’t yet found a better word.

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