Tweeting a Holocaust: The Progressive Civil War Dream

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, is recommending as “a great read” an article promoting the idea of a new civil war in America, one in which progressives would wipe out conservatives. Though the article in question notes that this new war “can be won without firing a shot,” the very noting of live fire as a possibility reveals of how thorough an annihilation of conservatism is being proposed.

The model of success in this war, according to the article, is today’s California, where the left has marginalized constitutional republicanism to the point of social irrelevance, lifting all practical limits to the continuing socialization of that state on the moral, educational, and legislative levels.

Those who — whether because they are addicted to their social media and therefore refuse to face the truth of what they are supporting when they immerse themselves in it, or because they are simply too short-sighted and naïve to understand our real historical situation — would dismiss the seriousness of this article, or Dorsey’s affinity for it, need a cold splash of reality. There is in fact nothing strange, or even particularly extreme, about this fantasy of a complete vanquishing of conservatism in America. The bloodthirsty desire for a complete undoing of America’s foundations and traditions, to be achieved “without a shot being fired” if possible — but with shots if necessary — has been a barely hidden undercurrent of progressive thinking in America for more than a century. 

If you doubt this, consider the seminal instantiation of this strain of American progressivism, the novel Philip Dru: Administrator, by Edward Mandell “Colonel” House, chief political advisor and close personal friend to President Woodrow Wilson. As I wrote a detailed account of this century-old progressive civil war fantasy several years ago, I will merely direct your attention to its location here in Limbo, where it sits as Part Three of my series, “Progressivism 101.”

Here is a brief taste of that article, which I hope you will read, compare to the screed recommended by Twitter’s CEO, and then use as Exhibit A in your case for defending the Second Amendment with your life if necessary:

Philip Dru: Administrator, with its spirited revelation of the true mind of progressivism, unwittingly demonstrates a fact which is too easily obscured when one is faced with the obfuscating public statements of today’s progressives: Progressivism is the political philosophy of sociopaths. It is not a reasonable but misguided quest for equality and justice. It is power-lust masquerading as a social theory, and merciless hatred for mankind dressed up as a new moral code. House’s “bad novel” is, viewed objectively, the American progressives’ answer to Mein Kampf.

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