Reflections On This World Moment

Vladimir Putin appears to be on the verge of launching a full-on military assault against a democratic ally of the Western democracies, a country that was most infamously decimated by the Soviet tyranny under which Putin did his dictator training course, and the renewal of which was one of the West’s great boasts at the supposed “end” of the Cold War. In response to this horrible failure — allowing the supposedly defeated Soviet empire two decades of Western-abetted retooling under its KGB-era tyrant — the West is granting the Russian thug endless credibility in the form of negotiations and “seeking a non-violent resolution of his security concerns,” as though he were the one with legitimate concerns to be addressed here.

Meanwhile, the one faction within Western political norms that for decades stood as the single most resolute and unwavering check on Russia’s expansionist dreams, namely the American Republican Party, has, under the cult of Donald Trump, been transformed into Putin’s most adamant global apologist and defender. 

Ukraine therefore stands to be at least severely compromised, if not completely sacrificed, to the contingencies of political calculation from most of the so-called free world, and — with a special place of dishonor — the outright cheerleading of the so-called American right, which, in the years since George W. Bush looked into Putin’s eyes and saw an honorable man, has devolved to looking into Putin’s eyes…just because it is so romantic to look into the eyes of a big strong man.

The Republican Party should be disbanded. Its current political vanguard and “intellectual leadership” is a disgrace to every decent or worthy leader who ever graced its name with his presence, most obviously Ronald Reagan and Dwight Eisenhower. The same, it goes without saying, may be said of all those American voters who continue to chant and grunt from their cultist fantasy world, every day driving the GOP further from the most honorable facets of its legacy — in fact, in exactly the opposite direction.

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