Fat Cat Foreign Policy Hypocrisy

Can someone please explain to me why the Trump administration is taking a hardline, seemingly principled stand against Maduro’s crumbling socialist regime in Venezuela, while petting and praising Kim Jong-un’s far more deadly, far longer-lasting communist catastrophe in North Korea?

Venezuela is of relatively little strategic interest to the United States, while North Korea is situated at the heart of a major point of geopolitical interest as China’s buffer against the democratic world, and its proxy warrior against South Korea and Japan as Xi Jinping begins to make his move on Asian hegemony.

Maduro’s thugs are resisting the will of the people and refusing to cede power to Maduro’s rival, Guaidó. Kim kills everyone, including his own family members, who is thought to be even remotely out of step with the will of his death cult.

Venezuela’s socialist nightmare is starving a tiny nation’s population. The Kim dynasty has been doing the same for decades, on a much wider scale, and with much more brutal and systematic intentions.

So, can anyone tell me, in plain English and without fan club claptrap about Trump’s genius, why Trump, along with most of the rest of the U.S. Government (basically everyone to the right of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez), is employing every means available to squeeze Maduro out, while at the same time taking every available step to protect and secure Kim’s permanent entrenchment as dictator of North Korea?

There are obvious answers to this question, of course, and they all come down to the cowardly appeasement of big scary foes, as opposed to the mock strength exhibited in the face of meek, insignificant foes. In other words, Trump is being Trump — a fake tough guy.

And then we have the word from the Republican establishment, as represented by 2016’s GOP back-up plan, Marco Rubio. Rubio has tweeted out a none-too-subtle message to Maduro, which I will not reproduce here due to its sheer tastelessness. Specifically, he combined an image of Maduro with an image of Gaddafi in his final moments, as he was being sodomized with bayonets by the sadists that Rubio and the rest of the globalist establishment praised at the time as the heroes of “Arab Spring” — which “Spring” turned out to be, for the most part, what any half-sentient being who wasn’t a rabid neoconservative could have predicted, namely a season of anarchy, oppression, sharia law, mass suffering, and empowered Islamism.

To use such gruesome imagery as a “warning” to Maduro would be ghoulish under any circumstances. To use this particular image — an ugly symbol of the real and revolting results of recent U.S. foreign policy ignorance and naiveté — is exemplary of just how slow a learner Rubio must be, and how much globalist stupidity is left in Washington, even after all these years of hard lessons in reality.

It’s smug idiocy such as Rubio exhibits with this sickening invocation of murderous monstrosity, as though bloody and brutal death were just a cute “meme,” that makes Trump’s appeasement instincts and historical dismissiveness look appealing to so many people. “Can’t we just turn the page and run away from all this mess?” seems an almost reasonable position when you’ve got these neocons running around cheering for bayonets and mayhem — on someone else’s doorstep, and at no personal risk, of course. 

Be careful what you wish for, Little Marco. We may well get a chance to see how you respond when such merciless violence is on your own doorstep, since the United States may not be as far from its inevitable day of reckoning as a comfortable, well-funded Washington fat cat might imagine.

Fat Cat or Scaredy-Cat?

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