Told You So

No, no, they wouldn’t listen to me!

The Democratic Party desires amnesty for illegal immigrants, leading to citizenship, because they wish to unbalance the southern states in favor of socialist-raised, low-education drones who can be herded into buses to vote for government handouts, i.e., socialism. The Republican Party, owned by the Chamber of Commerce, desires amnesty because they want cheap, low-skilled labor, and regard electoral demographics as beneath them.

In practice, that means every establishment leader in Washington, from Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump, favors amnesty for illegal immigrants, and has never wavered on that position for one minute. The only difference between the two parties on this issue is that the Republicans, playing to the obstinate half of the American electorate, are forced to project the optics of opposition to illegal immigration in order to remain superficially feasible as the party of law and order.

No GOP establishment hack ever played the optics game with more effectiveness, or more duplicity, than Trump. Building his whole campaign on the promise of a “big beautiful wall,” he turned the closing of the border into much more than an isolated policy issue; he amplified it into a personal promise of spiritual comfort and security, offered to all those tired and scared Americans who felt broken by years of incessant attacks on their way of life, and secretly longed for a strong “Daddy” to lock the door and say, “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.” In other words, Trump turned border security into a means of exploiting the weakest elements of the American “right,” the dependent and ignorant, the lost and disaffected, the cocoon dwellers who desperately hoped all the grown-up risks and pains of modern life would just go away. Trump, they fantasized in their childish dependency, would make the problems go away. Trump fostered and fed his supporters’ weakness and dependence.

But at no point — not for one second — did he ever intend to close the border, let alone to do it with a wall. He favors amnesty, and his big beautiful wall was never anything but psychological warfare used to manipulate his angry, stupid mob of idolaters. It was a cult mantra, not an immigration platform.

And so it is with a remarkable lack of shock and disappointment that I note Daniel Horowitz’s article outlining the key details of the “border deal” Trump just signed into law. Not only does the bill give Trump less than he would have gotten from Democrats before all this shutdown nonsense and posturing, but it also, more importantly, contains a number of specific provisions designed to reinforce the most important limitations on the enforcement of existing immigration policy, and to empower local and state governments that wish to undermine any federal efforts to restrict illegal immigration. In other words, it gives the progressives everything they want, and Trump nothing of what he allegedly wanted.

And Trump signed it. He signed it because he is a progressive on immigration, though he talks tough about the border when rallying the people he (rightly) regards as his mindless sheep, the supporters he (correctly) postulated would not abandon him if he shot a man on Fifth Avenue. The bodies are piling up out there now, and the dimwits are still with him, as the Orange McConnell knew they would be. The reality TV producer and casino investor in him understands his audience well. They don’t care about results — they just want to hear the lies that make them feel good. (These, after all, are the same people who comprise the core audience for talk radio and Fox News, the ultimate purveyors of comforting hot air with an artificial conservative scent.) So Trump tells them the lies they enjoy, and they lap it up, like any gambling or reality TV addict.

They will continue to do so, in undiminished numbers, until their nation lies in cinders on the ash heap of history. Meanwhile, the “two party system” — America’s euphemism for tyranny — will carry on its merry way, destroying everything those Trump supporters imagine they believe in, while both sides of this fraudulent “system” line their pockets and fill their campaign coffers. And the greens on their golf courses will be perfect and tidy — “the best,” as Trump says of the work his cheap illegal laborers have done for him over the years.

Daniel Horowitz, in the article cited above, which was written before Trump signed the bill, opined that Trump would not deserve reelection if he signed it. The fact that anyone would feel the need to stipulate conditions under which Donald Trump would not deserve reelection is itself evidence of how far gone America really is. Just think these words side by side for a moment: “Donald Trump,” “reelection.” The only rational response to the image evoked by this combination ought to be “What the hell –?” And yet here we are.

In any case, I disagree with Horowitz. Trump more than deserves reelection. The America that made him a plausible presidential candidate in the first place deserves a second term of this. In fact, why stop there? The nation that allowed such a man to come within a thousand miles of its government deserves to have him for life.

It certainly deserves no better.

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