Today’s Propaganda Roundup

A very quick swing around the interwebs to survey the latest “news,” i.e., totalitarian propaganda from public enemies who in a civilized world would be rejected from normal society as subversives and fomenters of leftist revolution, but today are almost universally adhered to as indispensable social resources.

First up, and aptly so, here is a beauty from everyone’s favorite Marxist front group, The New York Times:

Lockdown Delays Cost at Least 36,000 Lives, Data Show

Alternative headline from the imaginary free press of a non-existent limited republic:

Lockdown Deprives At Least 330,000,000 Citizens of Basic Rights, Constitution Shows

And from The Washington Post:

Experts warn of second wave in South

Alternative headline:

Social distancing, lockdowns have achieved their stated policy goal, to prolong virus outbreak, thereby guaranteeing the unstated policy goal, a more serious second wave

And since the mainstream prestige media has chosen to collapse itself into the kook fringe “alternative” media, we might as well pop over to that chic side of the fence as well. Here is one from The Huffington Post:

Amid Pandemic, GOP Advances Judicial Nominee Who Called Affordable Care Act ‘Illegitimate’

Apparently, this juxtaposition of opposition to Obamacare with being nominated during a pandemic is meant to raise alarm bells, given the obvious grand success of socialized medicine in staving off the effects of the coronavirus pandemic in, say, Italy, Great Britain, Spain, and even sparsely-populated Canada.

Alternative headline:

Amid Total Failure of Administrative-State-Controlled Healthcare in U.S. and Around World to Deal With Pandemic, Resulting in Uncountable Unnecessary Deaths, GOP Indicates Possible Willingness to Return to Supporting Medical Liberty

And then, with one raised eyebrow, I am compelled to report this, from the same source:

Dr. Fauci Will Take Over Julia Roberts’ Instagram To Share Info About COVID-19

Oh, why not? Alternative headline:

One of 900,000 Licensed Physicians in U.S., and One of Nation’s Longest-Serving Administrative State Apparatchiks, Taking Full Advantage of Ultimate Fame-Whoring Moment as America’s Celebrity Expert (ACE), to Bring His Round-the-Clock All-Network Public Access National Pandemic Czar Extravaganza to Insignificant Hollywood Star’s Social Media Page, in Hopes of Reaching the One Stalker Out There Who Spends So Much Time on Julia Roberts’ Instagram Page That He Hasn’t Already Heard His Lifetime Quota of “Dr. Fauci’s” Snotty Bureaucratic Bull Crap

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