America Bows Her Head

In keeping with his stellar performance as the first self-styled wartime president to simultaneously deny that there is a war, Donald Trump has ordered that flags at all federal buildings and Navy vessels be lowered to half-staff in honor of those who have died of COVID-19. 

Why? Amusingly, I notice that CNN actually reports this as “Donald Trump has finally ordered flags to fly at half-staff,” implying that it’s about time the slacker got around to this basic act of respect for the dead. 

Is it standard practice for the U.S. Federal Government to lower all its flags in honor of people who have died of illness? Do they do this in honor of the half million or so Americans who die of cancer each year? What about the 2.8 million who die every year of all causes combined, for that matter? Which of those other deaths are somehow less honorable, or less worthy of national memorial, than those from coronavirus? 

Needless to say, this is all part of the national progressive propagandizing of this pandemic. In America, like much of the rest of the “advanced” world today, totalitarian social control always has more to do with mawkish displays and hypocritical sentimentality than with midnight raids or military parades. Lowering your flags in phony “respect” for the coronavirus dead, even while we all know far more people are dying of myriad other causes each day, and dying far more miserably — not to mention in many cases earlier — thanks to lockdowns and social distancing than they would have without these “protections,” is par for the course in Slave State USA. America should be lowering her flags, and her head as well, in shame at what she is doing to her polity, her citizens, and her children’s futures. 

But Trump’s cult, seeing these lowered flags, will say what they always say: “Wow, he really loves this country!” And Mao really loved China, Stalin really loved Russia, Castro really loved Cuba, Mussolini (the most precise point of comparison in this case) really loved Italy. 

The Trump cult, responsible for the nomination and election of the man proudly but moronically presiding over America’s final death throes, makes COVID-19 look like a hangnail.

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