Timely Reflections: Chaos, Trump, and Trotskyites

If a fire rages
on the prairie, but no one
feels it, does it burn?

For over fifty years, the Students for a Democratic Society and Weather Underground types, in North America and around the world, have been dreaming of this kind of moment. In the 1970s, their schemes created havoc and set precedents, but were largely ineffectual except as springboards for the creation of a new class of academics, the terrorist professors, along the lines of Bill Ayers.

In more recent years, the loosely-defined “movement” has had a resurgence, as seen in globally organized and globalist-funded “spontaneous protests” such as Occupy Wall Street and the Greta Thunberg “school strike” nonsense. Two generations of fermentation, as the old communist agitators traded in their Molotov cocktails for respectable jobs and infiltrated the mainstream, and then became the mainstream, have effectively turned the entire civilized world into a field of dried-out grass doused with gasoline. 

Now it is clear that the old Marxist fogies, and the young fools they have perfectly indoctrinated in their schools — it is not to be forgotten that senior citizen Ayers himself is an influential “expert” on early childhood education and a lifelong devotee of John Dewey’s teaching philosophy — recognize that they are facing the opportunity of a lifetime, or at least the best opportunity of their dwindling lifetimes. 

What could be more ideal, from a socialist revolutionary point of view? Millions of people forcibly removed from the norms and equilibrium of ordinary life by government lockdowns, many of them looking at artificially-induced unemployment, and living in a climate of propaganda-sustained public fear and mass uneasiness. Throw into the mix a media-hyped flash point related to one of the old leftists’ standard and easiest “injustice” issues, racist cops, and George Soros can get those worldwide “protesters” onto the buses for a free pack of Trident. 

The other reason this moment is ideal is Donald Trump. These subversives have always lacked the manpower to seize control of nations by direct force. It has always been their strategy to instigate a grassroots revolution by poking and prodding the beast until it snaps back in overreaction, thereby stoking (and even justifying) higher levels of public anger, which in turn will lead to wider and more violent protests, even harsher government crackdowns, and so on and so on in an escalating cycle of sheer stupidity until everyone simply craves a renewal of order — order achieved by any means necessary. For that is the secret hidden behind all the overt leftist push for “chaos”: it is not the chaos itself that they desire, but rather the public outcry for a strong arm to restore peace in the form of social justice, i.e., progressive totalitarianism.

Trump suits this aim because the hardest thing for the Marxists to accomplish in America has always been the indispensable step of getting the government to overreact in incendiary ways. America’s federal behemoth, even at its worst, was always essentially too stolid and sure of itself to take the agitators’ bait and fire back with too broad a swipe at the activist gnats buzzing around its ears. 

But Trump is different, because he embodies a most dangerous combination of traits: He is a complete coward who is at the same time desperate, due to childish vanity and petty egotism, to look tough. Everyone knows it is the scared dog that bites when it feels cornered. I suspect the old fogies pulling the strings on today’s “spontaneous” global protests — someone please explain rationally why a bunch of Canadians and Europeans would be taking to the streets to protest the death of a man in Minneapolis — see that Trump is the best chance they have ever had to get the kind of escalating bite-back from the U.S. Government that they crave.

I have noticed, over the past couple of days, quite a few headlines from the reliably progressive mainstream media, as well as corresponding statements from many progressive politicians, expressing a note of concern over the severity and spread of violence and general disrespect for all limits of civility in these new “protests.” This suggests to me that even the people who have done everything in their power to instigate this violence, in this case as in so many similar instances for decades, are suddenly feeling a little anxious about the nature of what they themselves have helped to unleash — or more specifically, I suppose, about whether the current “outrage” and “cries for social justice” can be properly controlled and stage-managed as the media propagandists would like.

It’s a funny thing about the West’s post-Bolshevik Marxists, or, if you will, the West’s unconcealed progressives. They almost all identify themselves, literally or figuratively, as Trotskyites, meaning “idealists,” “intellectuals,” and “democratic socialists,” rather than ugly tyrants like those nasty Stalinists. Maybe these spiritual Trotskyites should have considered exactly what they were identifying with all these years: a man who was exiled by his own revolution, who was redefined as a public enemy, and who was eventually hunted down and murdered by the very movement whose instigator and leader he had once been.

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