The Uniters

It is true that after four years of Trump’s vulgar divisiveness, following eight years of Obama’s slick divisiveness, America needs a “uniter.” Joe Biden will not be one.

Contrary to all the Forrest Gump fantasies of the popular psyche, an addled mind cannot accidentally happen upon the kind of subtle understanding and persuasive decency required to effect significant societal change in the direction of mutual understanding and goodwill. (See Greta Thunberg.)

Furthermore, Biden is being propped up by, and in fact flooding his administration with, Marxists more likely to echo the Weather Underground concept of “eliminating” the ten percent of the population that cannot be reeducated, than to echo Rodney King’s “Can’t we all just get along?”

Unity by exclusion is a construct worthy of Orwell, and therefore all too apt for describing the real intentions of Biden’s puppeteers. It is also a goal made vastly more realistic and socially viable by the corrosive effects of the Trump era, which made every outrageous smear and insupportable accusation against “conservatives” seem far more reasonable and plausible than would ever have been possible without Trump’s grotesque exploitation of formerly decent people’s desperation to aggrandize himself, at the expense of their reason and their moral compass.

This last point, a danger I have been warning against since the beginning of 2016, reached its final, sad realization in the two months after Trump’s election loss. I find the truth of this inversion of the Tea Party movement — effected by a man who absolutely despised, ridiculed, and opposed that movement until the day he decided to use it as fuel for his ego-train to nowhere — too sad and hideous to dwell on, so I will leave off here. Suffice it to say that some very good and lovable men and women in America — the ones who kept their heads while all the “conservatives” around them were losing theirs — are now paying the price, socially and politically, for the sins of folly, idolatry, and irrational anger perpetrated against America these past five years by the majority of their former compatriots.

Will Trump’s Million Moron March crowd, those who helped to bring this hell down on the heads of their old friends, the few remaining rational resisters, through their stupidity, ever realize that they helped to precipitate the coming long night, let alone try to atone for the harm they have done? Not likely. Cultism is at least as hard an addiction to overcome as alcoholism, and it fosters the same kind of self-perpetuating rationalizations.

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