Inauguration Coverage

Joe Biden has been sworn in as President of the Nation Formerly Known as The United States of America. He won the historic first election in which the two leading candidates were arguably the two dumbest men in America — just as his predecessor, Donald J. Trump, had previously won the historic first election featuring the two worst human beings in America. For those keeping track of such historic matters, you might observe that this makes Trump unique in all American history (which ought to please him) for being a finalist in both the Worst Person and Dumbest Man competitions. Add to that his being the first man to spend the entire two months after losing the presidency trying to steal it back through an act of pure blustering megalomania — i.e., fraud — and it is clear that Trump’s special place in world history is assured.

Now, back to Biden’s historic inauguration. I did not watch his inauguration, because I do not waste time. Stupidity wastes my time. Kitsch wastes my time. Smugness wastes my time. Sentimentality and mock compassion waste my time. Communism wastes my time.

Better things to do with my time….

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