A Climate Change to Die For

A pandemic — even a second-level one by historical standards — is a totalitarian’s dream come true. Suddenly, progressives have complete, hysteria-induced access to all the moral weaponry they have tried to invoke for years in the name of “global climate change” with only partial success.

The whole thrust of the climate change movement, since its beginnings fifty years ago, has been to override personal and national sovereignty in the name of addressing a crisis so great, so urgent, and so impervious to private choice and national borders, that nothing short of a global supra-governmental regulatory regime could ever hope to prevail against the ever-approaching Armageddon. This year, we have seen this same strategy carried out far more effectively with regard to what I call The Pandemic that Ate a Planet. The mass panic of non-stop propaganda demanding that we all submit our minds to a reality that our eyes cannot see — namely that people are dropping like flies all around us, families, economies, and entire nations devastated by the body count from this terrifying coronavirus — has done more in just one year to negate all popular resistance to absolutely any encroachments on freedom than the climate doom crowd had been able to achieve in fifty. 

Today, I see that many European nations, yet again led by European history’s permanent and predictable voice for collectivist tyranny, Germany, are mandating not only that masks be worn almost everywhere outside of the home, but even specifying what kind of masks will be permitted. In other words, it is quickly becoming the norm in Europe, and will soon enough be so throughout North America, for governments to claim the authority to determine exactly what each citizen must wear on his or her face at all times, merely to be allowed to participate in social existence in any way, even on “private property” — granting, of course, that which parts of social existence are permitted to function has already been severely restricted through countless previous mandates and regulations. Endless spontaneous outflowings from the pens of government “experts” and their trigger-happy owners, utterly without public debate or any weighing of ultimate principles, costs, or dangers.

Everything must be done now, today, urgently, because there is not a moment to lose. And the mass of the world’s population simply lowers its head in obeisance, accepting any and all curtailments of life by their superiors unhesitatingly, in fits of pure, unregulated terror — which, to cover their shame, those billion minions then quickly convert into anger and hatred toward anyone who dares to reject, or even to politely question, the wisdom of such precipitous social self-annihilation.

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