The Unapologetic Manifesto

I have said and done things in my life — and thought far more than I have said or done — that today’s Overseers of Righteous Certainty (ORCs) would condemn as politically unacceptable, and as grounds for summoning me before the Marxist Tribunal of Progress to confess my guilt, sign my confession, and then accept my oblivion as an obsolete man, a relic of systemic injustice. I will not confess, sign, or accept anything on their terms.

Life is lived in the fog — and that is not meant as a pardon for past improprieties of the sort that political correctness happens to condemn today, but rather as a reminder of the true state of today’s life and thought, with all its foolish and fallacious certainties. To treat today’s biases, falsehoods, and vested interests as a standard of historical evaluation equivalent to divine judgment is to condemn one’s own very existence as a participant in the human heritage — ten thousand years of practical and theoretical alternatives and counterarguments to today’s whining tyrants and sniveling crowds.

No comedian has to apologize for a joke he made five, twenty, or a thousand years ago, merely because that joke is judged incompatible with today’s socialism-approved hypersensitivities. Nor does he owe anyone an “owning up” to his past alleged offenses — least of all those who would drag him before the mob and force him to offer such an owning up in the form of submitting himself to the guillotine of public shaming.

No author, living or dead, is immoral or unworthy of being read without a communist preface because he used a word or phrase, or expressed an idea, that a social justice activist or professor of collectivist totalitarianism in 2021 believes no one should ever have been allowed to write or think. Thought that must conform to today’s authoritatively defined “standards” is not thought, period. And that points to the precise goal of the social justice activists and professors of collectivist totalitarianism: the absolute obliteration of thought as such.

No teacher has to express remorse for relating ideas, or teaching of past writings, in a manner that someone with the emotional maturity of a four-year-old and the intellectual openness of a gulag warden might regard as so “offensive” that he should demand the authority to ruin the life and career of another human being over merely having been exposed to thoughts slightly different from his own sloganeering certitudes.

I have no public apologies to make for my thoughts and speech, and neither should any rational human being, all things being equal — least of all to those who would end civilized life and free thinking on this Earth for a thousand years in the name of the most blatantly dishonest notion of “justice” the world has ever known.

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