Far out, man!

I see that the state of California is taking steps toward legalizing hallucinogenic drugs. Of course it is. You have to legalize them before you can bring them under government regulatory control. You have to regulate them before you can distribute them through government programs. You have to make government distribution mundane before you can make it mandatory. And of course you have to do this in California before you can do it everywhere else.

Exciting prospect! Pretty soon, all Americans will be able to experience what it is like to be an elite pilot in the U.S. Navy, seeing giant Tic-Tacs stalking them through the skies. (“Lucy in the Sky with Breath Mints”?)

By the way, David Fravor, the Navy pilot who reported the personal visual encounter with the “Tic-Tac” UFO, has also boasted repeatedly in interviews about deliberately using his fighter jet to play UFO hoaxes on campers and then laugh about it with his fellow pilot-morons, many of whom, he claims, did the same thing many times with their planes. 

So let’s apply common sense here and decide which scenario seems more convincing:

  • A Navy pilot who is on record as a man who likes to get attention for faking UFO sightings, and clearly has no conscience about the ramifications of scaring other people for his own gratification, has invented a UFO experience to get attention and play with people’s minds.


  • We should all believe that alien lifeforms have visited our planet in inexplicable vehicles on the basis of the unverified “eyewitness testimony” of a pilot who boasts with a smile of his ability to dupe people with fake UFO experiences.

Hmmm, that’s a tough call. It reminds me of the “Millennium Bomber,” the terrorist who was arrested crossing the Canada-U.S. border with explosives and a plan to detonate them at LAX Airport. He was living in Canada legally because he had been granted entry after telling the Canadian customs authorities that he was fleeing his home country because he had been accused of being a terrorist.

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