Advanced (aka “Progressive”) Logic

Artificially shut down the entire economy with despotic and drastic restrictions on daily life and trade that are completely unwarranted and disproportionate to the “crisis.” Then sweep in with massive redistribution bills (i.e., property-annihilating power grabs) that will reverberate painfully through the economy for generations, on the grounds that “people are hurting these days due to the pandemic.”

(A real pandemic crisis would slam the economy of its own accord, by way of massive death and workforce-incapacitating illness, which simply has not happened in this case. That is why governments, needing the optics of catastrophe to justify their totalitarian policies, have deliberately manufactured an economic meltdown that was not happening of its own accord.)

Spend six to eight weeks propagandizing the public with a non-stop, exclusive focus on a nasty but far from socially-debilitating virus outbreak, announcing its death toll as each hour’s top headline, hauling puppet presidents in front of the cameras each day to lend an air of war-like national crisis to the outbreak, and peppering each day’s reporting with “expert” predictions about how “it’s going to get even worse, trust us.” 

Then, at the end of that six-week propaganda bombing campaign, start taking opinion polls asking people, “Do you think your state should rush to reopen the economy during this deadly coronavirus pandemic, even while thousands of your fellow citizens are dying of this killer disease all around you every day, and when every medical expert on Earth is begging your leaders to continue the universal stay-at-home orders in a last-hope effort to protect you and your family from certain death at the hands of this Satanic Virus?” 

Announce the results of these polls as follows: “Majority of Americans [Canadians, Koreans, Brits, Martians, etc.] believe it’s too soon to reopen the economy.”

(No, they don’t “believe” anything. They have been beaten into submission, and are now reciting the catechism of tyranny as it has been drilled into them for weeks, and in fact all their lives in various forms. The words “Yes” or “No,” spoken right on cue for the pollsters, represent no thought process or considered opinion; these responses are nothing but the sound of abject fear and moral exhaustion.)

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