The Silent Revolution

Last week, I noted that the made-up “anti-Asian hate crime” mantra being manufactured by the American media in the aftermath of a local crime story involving a sick young man in Atlanta has thus far failed to gain any traction in the general population. Today, after a week to get organized and really make a statement, I read this new remarkable headline at MSN: “Hundreds rally across US against Asian hate.”

Wow. Hundreds. Across the entire US, they managed to gather a grand total of “hundreds.” And when I say “they,” of course, I mean the prairie fire foot soldiers and their mass media mouthpieces. The story accompanying the above headline, from USA Today, features a photograph of one of these massive dozens-strong rallies, in San Francisco, which reveals the giant placard being held by the vanguard of the angry mini-mob, on which we can read the names of the organizing groups, all of them Asian student groups at San Francisco State University. The sign’s entire message: “RISE UP WITH ASIANS.”

“Rise up.” A standard revolutionary slogan. Student organizations of a “social activist” bent are generally run by thirty-five-year-old Marxist ne’er-do-wells, and peopled by a highly unrepresentative minority of undergraduate students belonging to whatever “group” the organization claims to represent. This is pure photo-op fake protest nonsense, protesting against absolutely nothing, and in favor of…exactly what all such protests are “in favor of,” namely socialist redistribution, free tuition, collectivist egalitarian power. In a word, dictatorship. Because tyranny has proven to be history’s obvious and natural answer to feelings of injustice and oppression, right?

So let’s all have a good laugh at that almost silent revolution of hundreds of feeble-minded nobodies prancing around, largely ignored by everyone except the mainstream media, demanding social justice and revenge against the white man over a completely manufactured issue. But just keep in mind that part of the humor of it all lies in the certain truth that tomorrow, this tiny gathering of nationwide nobodies will win their revolution, due to a sheer lack of any intellectual resources left in the modern world with which to fight them. 

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