The Price of Mock Sensitivity

The top headline at this moment on my Microsoft News feed features a beautiful photograph of dozens of mature adults paying their respects to lost loved ones. Okay, to be a little clearer, it was a photograph of dozens of mature grifters disrespecting the memory of lost fellow citizens. Well, frankly, it was dozens of worthless toadies and demagogues projecting fake sentimentality to ingratiate themselves to the most gullible of their sheepish dupes. 

The headline itself described the pictured event as members of the U.S. Congress honoring the Americans who have died from Covid-19, as the official death total reaches 600,000.

This deeply concerned group of professional phonies got me to thinking. Six hundred thousand American deaths (allegedly) “caused” by this pandemic. A quick online search informs me that as of March 2021, the U.S. Congress has officially enacted bills totaling $5.3 trillion in special pandemic spending. I worked that out: $5.3 trillion divided by 600,000 deaths. That means the federal government has “spent” (i.e., stolen for redistribution, mostly from future generations) $8,333,333 for each American Covid-19 death. Each of those dead American individuals, then, is in a sense — or rather, in the all too sensible calculations of a criminal enterprise passing itself off as a government — worth over eight million dollars of tyrannical demagoguery to the members of Congress. 

Now I see that photograph in a new light. The peaceful, prayerful countenances of those dozens of congresspersons with their heads bowed suddenly appear all too sincere. Even mock sensitivity has its form of sincerity.  

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