Musings on Impeachment

If Donald Trump is voted out of office by the U.S. Senate, then we’ll finally get to test my theory that all the Trump cult blather about how, if the “deep state” succeeded in their “coup,” this would start a civil war, is a load of bunk, because the cultists are, almost by definition, a bunch of weak sisters who are hiding behind their paper tiger hero precisely because they don’t have the guts and endurance to fight any of the fights that would have to be fought to really save their country from the progressive hordes. Where would they suddenly get the courage to take up that fight now, on behalf of the very idol who (they think) is supposed to be defending them? They would fold. They would shrink back to their anonymous online comments and their vicarious thrills of talk radio ranting.

And those radio hosts would make it easy for them to cave in without shame or self-doubt, because those hosts have, to a man, proved to be nothing but career-driven, sycophantic cowards and establishment propagandists in the end. They — Rush, Sean, Mark, Glenn, Dennis, and the rest of the lot — would all be urging everyone to really show those progressive usurpers, boy oh boy, by coming out in big numbers to vote Republican in the next election!

There would be no war. Just better ratings and more internet clicks — which means advertising dollars, baby! — for a few establishment pied pipers. 

The Democrats, as I have said before, are doing this because they know they cannot defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election. Their impeachment is pure, pathetic spite, much like spitting on a rich man’s coat just to exact some measure of “revenge” for his being so much more successful than you are. It is an expression of envy, which is typical of progressives, since progressivism is rooted almost entirely in envy.

The whole process is meaningless. The Democrats are trying to impeach on trivial grounds. The Republicans would defend Trump if he were being impeached for shooting a man on Fifth Avenue. It is just party politics, and as such it is another demonstration of everything that is wrong with partisan democratic politics in general, and America’s so-called “two-party system” in particular.

The hardest of the hardcore Trump bootlickers, led by Ted Cruz, are absolutely vehement that John Bolton, whom they all used to love and support, must not be allowed to testify in the senate trial. Why is that, exactly? I suppose the answer is obvious. And as long as they insist that he not be asked to testify, they give credence to every Democratic claim that the Republicans know they are covering for a guilty man.

Cruz has come up with a new ploy, to the delight of the cultists, which is to demand that, as the price of having Bolton testify, the Democrats must allow Hunter Biden to appear as well. Strange idea: Highlight the very point the Democrats are trying to make against Trump’s actions with Ukraine, by making Joe Biden’s son — who has no information to give that would be relevant to disproving or discrediting the impeachment’s actual charges against Trump — the center of the senate circus for a day. 

Call me when the shooting starts. I won’t be watching any of this junk. I don’t own a television, and this is a good example of why not.

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