A Few Hopes

I hope I would never materially damage other people’s lives or deprive them of their basic freedoms merely to protect myself from the inevitable risks and discomforts of living as a human being.

I hope I would never rationalize my fears and insecurities to justify demanding that strangers be forced to live for my benefit, preference, or safety, against their own genuine or perceived best interests.

I hope I will never allow my disrespect and disdain for so much of what “my fellow human beings” have become to transform itself into the kind of active practical hatred that manifests itself in a will to commandeer and micromanage their lives coercively, as is now the norm among all those individuals around the advanced world today who, as we used to phrase it, “have chosen to devote their lives to public service.”

I hope I will never despise or demean the vast majority of mankind as deeply as the vast majority despises and demeans me, as they prove every day by living utterly without concern for my enslavement, or for the belittlement of the very notion of that freedom which I am forced to live my entire life without.

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