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This week’s inadvertent comedy routine from the Democratic Party’s unforced implosion features Nancy Pelosi calling out her party’s newest Marxist Moronettes — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib — identifying them as extreme leftists, and therefore legislatively ineffective and self-marginalizing.

In response, the most shameless attention-seeker among the Marxist Moronettes, Ocasio-Cortez, has damned Pelosi and the rest of the older generation of American Marxists to the ash heap of history, as the communist vanguard always does.

On the one hand, this is yet another valuable reminder of how inhumane and dehumanizing Marxism is. Due to the perpetual and inevitable failure of their ideology to deliver on the terms that form its rhetorical raison d’ĂȘtre, namely economic equality and prosperity for all, Marxists of each new generation are left with no choice but to blame their panoply of failures on the previous generation of Marxists, and specifically to declare that the old generation was somehow not Marxist enough — that is, to claim that if only the previous generation had had the courage and principle to force communist egalitarianism down the people’s throats with more ruthlessness (aka love and compassion), utopia would have been achieved; and hence that it is the mission of the new blood to carry the dream forward with more purity.

And that, of course, requires a purification of the movement, i.e., the death of the old generation, both in theory and in practice, by attrition or by bloody purge. The young blood will win in the end, simply by virtue of the fact that time is on their side. Pelosi is old and crotchety. Her day is coming, regardless of how she blithers on today. Meanwhile, the young generation of communist revolutionary Democrats that she herself helped to foster and encourage has set up camp at her doorstep, and they will finally have Pelosi’s head on a pike, one way or another. There is nothing she can do to prevent this. It’s the nature of the “movement” she leads — “movement,” in this case, being a euphemism for “hateful power-mongering bloodlust religion of death for tiny souls full of self-loathing” (aka Marxism in all its forms).

On the other hand, this feud that Pelosi cannot win is representative of the history and character of “progressivism” on another level as well, namely its phenomenally successful romp through the generational psyche of mankind. For today, the media, in both its “mainstream” and “conservative” instantiations, is reporting on this intramural death match as though it were a fight between “moderates” and “liberals” — in other words, as though Nancy Pelosi were a moderate.

Of course, terms such as moderate, extreme, conservative, and the like, are relative in character, such that in theory one could say that Pelosi is more moderate than Ocasio-Cortez. But insofar as we use these terms, in politics, to identify the positions of the various players, think of what it means to be identifying Pelosi as a moderate today. This is the Pelosi who only a few years ago was regarded as leading the “progressive” wing of the party herself. It was Pelosi who said of Obamacare that Congress would have to pass the bill before people would be able to see what was in it. This is the same Pelosi who laughed at a reporter who asked where Congress gets the constitutional authority to create a mandate to purchase health insurance. 

Today, this arrogant, dismissive, holier-than-thou socialist power-monger is supposedly the moderate, upholding political procedure and the respectability of Congress against the young whipper-snappers proposing all-out war on everything non-Marxist. This is the old ratchet of progressivism on display in a most ludicrous form. If Nancy Pelosi is the moderate, the model of ideological restraint and “reaching across the aisle to get things done,” then America is already doomed.

Not that that should be a shock to anyone at this point. But it’s worth noting and digesting, as wisdom always is. The Truth, after all, shall set you free. The U.S. Federal Government sure as hell won’t — ever — but the Truth will.

Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at tea

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