The Establishment Wins, As Always

Recently, Senator Mike Lee endorsed Donald Trump for president yet again, proving, yet again, that his own political survival and prospects for personal gain take primacy in his heart over all concerns for constitutional government, republican principles, and whatever else he used to claim, sincerely or otherwise, to stand for. He saw what happened to Mitt Romney, Utah’s most celebrated political son, when he dared to stand against the Trump cult, and that was that. The very day of Romney’s finest hour on the senate floor, we might say, was the day that Lee’s own soul was torn to pieces, chewed up, and swallowed down by the twin monsters of fear and power lust.

Evidence of Lee’s spiritual demise has been increasingly apparent for some time now. The final revelation, however, came in the text of his endorsement of Trump’s 2024 presidential bid, in which he invoked the Republican establishment’s calling card phrase during election cycles, the most despised and ridiculed words for the old anti-establishment Tea Party movement with which Lee used to be identified.

“A binary choice.” There it is, the stock mantra of old guard, you-have-no-choice-no-matter-what-you-think establishmentarianism, uttered here in defense of Donald Trump, as it was in 2016 and 2020, and as it was in previous elections for previous Republican establishment instruments.

“I’ll take the mean tweets,” says the frightened power-monger Lee. And what about the thuggish intimidation tactics, and the cultish true believer mobs, and the economic protectionism, and the populist anti-constitutionalism, and the open deference and surrender to the wishes and interests of the world’s most dangerous communist and oligarchic regimes? Will you take those too, Senator? Of course my question is rhetorical, since your not-so-clever reduction of everything Trump is, everything he has destroyed, and everything he has done to undermine any remaining hopes for the revitalization of the American republic, to a mere quibble over “mean tweets” reveals your unequivocal, though implied, answer to the question. Yes, you will sell out your country, sell out the institutions of freedom — not to mention selling out the spirit of civility and goodwill upon which the maintenance of a free republic depends, which is what “taking the mean tweets” really entails — for the sake of protecting a very petty and trivial object, namely your own personal political career.

How many sycophantic self-seekers does it take to change a light bulb? We’ll never know, for sycophantic self-seekers prefer to operate in the dark.

Note: The standard establishment-hoodwinked Republican voters will instinctively respond at this point, “So you’re saying we have to support Nikki Haley in the primaries and Joe Biden in the election?” That the standard establishment-hoodwinked Republican voters can see only that alternative, can conceive of no other options, is proof of how well the Washington old guard has them trained. They will do what they are told. Binary choice and all that.

America, as I have said before, and never with a smile, is dead.

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