Shocker! Trump Blames Freedom Caucus for His Massive Incompetence

Well, if you’re a regular reader here, you already know that the above headline was written with tongue firmly in cheek. If there is anything in the world less shocking than the sun rising in the east today, it is that every time Donald Trump’s incompetence and lack of seriousness are exposed (i.e., about twice a day), he will do and say — okay, just “say,” as he never really does anything — the dumbest, most moronic, and most outrageously anti-conservative thing you can imagine.

Right on cue, the Doofus-in-Chief — Alpha Male Man, the Brave Swamp Warrior King who was going to force Army generals to bow before his illegal orders, and bring the Chinese to their knees by tweeting “Unfair! Unfair!” once a week until they just couldn’t take it anymore — has now, as everyone knew he would, blamed the failure of TrumpCare (called RyanCare by Trump cultists) on the only people in Congress who actually thought promising to repeal ObamaCare meant that one would actually have to try to repeal ObamaCare.

Meanwhile, the Trumpstablishment dupes are all over the internet defending their hero Mitch McConnell President Trump against those evil Constitution-followers, saying, “Doesn’t the Freedom Caucus understand that President Trump needs a victory right now?”

Right, so an empty optics “victory” for Trump is to be achieved at the expense of the hopes of millions of Republican voters who actually fantasized, to their discredit, that Trump wasn’t a cowardly, lying establishment puppet in outsider’s clothing. And if a few honest men in Washington still have enough integrity to stand for their constituents, whether the GOP establishment’s steaming pile of kneejerk progressivism “needs a victory” or not, then they are to be pilloried for having the gall to stand up for the Constitution they swore to defend, rather than caving in to the phoney game of “winning and losing” that the Washington Uniparty uses to mask its slow-motion usurpation of a consitutional republic.

This scapegoating of the Freedom Caucus is consistent with Steve Bannon’s disrespectul attempt to bully them into voting for the TrumpCare bill. And it fits a long-term pattern and strategy from the GOP establishment, from Karl Rove’s American Crossroads (to which Trump was a major donor) to Mitch McConnell’s Kentuckians for Strong Leadership (to which Trump was a major donor) to John Boehner’s Congressional Leadership Fund (to which guess-who was a major donor): present the Republican brand of milquetoast progressivism as “conservative realism,” while marginalizing actual constitutional conservatives as extremists and obstructors who don’t understand how politics works.

The strategy has worked like a charm, as evidenced by the fact that the most progressive Republican President of all time was elected under the banner of “grassroots conservatism.” If the Republican Party has not outlived its usefulness at this point, I don’t know how it ever could. To all those people who rally around the status quo every four years saying, “We have to support the party one more time, but if they blow it this time, then all bets are off,” — seriously, aren’t all bets off yet? What level of “blowing it” are you waiting for?

How are people like Mark Levin, who have tried to pin the disaster on Paul Ryan and absolve Trump of responsibility while at the same time defending the honor of the Freedom Caucus, going to ride the fence on this one? Trump, to no rational observer’s surprise, is attacking constitutional conservatives — as he has done with consistency (his one and only point of consistency) for years. Will his apologists suddenly see this, understand what it means, and give up on this establishment fraud now, before following him down any more rabbit holes? I think we all know the answer, though it would be nice to be wrong just this once, wouldn’t it?

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