Impeachment: Seven Questions Answered

Given that the House of Representatives has now voted to impeach the 45th President of the United States, Donald the Wonder RINO Trump, I suppose it is time at last for yours truly, the 1st Proprietor-in-Chief of Limbo, to clear up all the key matters related to this “historic” and/or “phony” event in the life of mankind.

Without further ado, then, here are my answers to the seven burning questions of this momentous day:

Question 1: Did the Democrats in the House really make the case for impeachment?

Answer 1: No, and they were never really trying to make a case, in the legal sense of the word. They were trying to come up with a semi-plausible peg to hang their hat on in making Trump look bad before the 2020 election, because they know perfectly well they don’t have a candidate in the running who could realistically hope to unseat Trump in a straight-up election.

Q2: Were the Republicans defending Trump in the House of Representatives on the right side of history, then?

A2: No. You cannot defend Donald Trump and be on the right side of history. Let me qualify that: If you are working as a trial attorney, and it is your professional responsibility to offer legal defense to an accused man, then of course you may and should do so. But this was not a trial, and the congressmen defending Trump were defending him largely on political grounds, rather than strictly legal ones. Hence, their defense was essentially corrupt, since the man with whom they have chosen to align themselves is essentially corrupt.

Q3: Does the Senate have an obligation to run a “fair trial,” as Nancy Pelosi says, or is Mitch McConnell within his rights to say he is going to coordinate his actions with the White House and do anything in his power to get the Senate procedures over with quickly, to Trump’s benefit?

A3: This is a television show, and a boringly scripted one at that. Everyone knows how McConnell’s Republican senate is going to vote, just as everyone knew what the outcome was going to be in the Democratic House. Any “fair trial” talk from anyone — let alone Pelosi of all people — is nothing but a plea for more time to parade silly academics and “experts” through TV Land in a desperate attempt to sway public opinion against Trump and the Republicans before the 2020 election. Just do the phony senate vote and get this over with already!

Q4: Is Trump guilty of impeachable offenses regarding his withholding of military aid to Ukraine?

A4: No, in the sense that I do not believe he withheld aid on the grounds the Democrats and their stooges are claiming. He withheld aid because he was reticent, as always, to do anything that might hurt his standing with Vladimir Putin, whom he greatly admires and fears. Everything else was and is food coloring.

Q5: Who is ultimately on the side of the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution in this situation?

A5: You’re joking, right?

Q6: With opinion polls showing support for impeachment dwindling, is this whole affair likely to help Trump’s chances in 2020, rather than damage him?

A6: That’s the kind of thing armchair quarterbacks worry about. If you care about the future of the United States as a constitutional republic, or the future of any semblance of freedom and human dignity on this planet, then the only proper answer to that question is, “Who cares?” Neither Trump nor the Democrats will do a thing to further the cause of liberty in America or planet Earth, and both have done, and would continue to do, plenty to harm that cause, so it is quite immaterial who wins in 2020.

Q7: Who comes out looking good in all this mess?

A7: Only those people who didn’t watch any of it because they had more self-respect than to waste time on a bad quasi-legal drama performed by people who are, collectively, responsible for the downfall of a once-great nation. The politicians on both sides look like the mendacious power-mongers they are. The media on both sides look like the greedy tribal pitchmen they are. The avid audiences for the above-mentioned factions (on both sides) look like sheep gaping, stock-still, at shiny objects — fully domesticated and submissive — while the gate of their pen is swinging wide open in front of them. Those, on the other hand, who kept their heads and souls above all this garbage, and preserved their independent judgment while most of their neighbors and kinfolk were chanting the assigned mantras, stand as a model of a possible healthier future — a very distant future, I’m afraid — of the human race, whenever today’s global progressive disease has finished playing itself out at last.

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