Scott McVarish for Congress in California!

Consider this my official endorsement of immigration lawyer, liberation theologian, amnesty advocate, and “Women’s” (i.e., Female Marxists’) March supporter Scott McVarish for U.S. Congress in CA-25. I’m all in, and unlike President Trump, whose ringing endorsements change with the weather, I didn’t ask Mitch McConnell. McVarish is a crypto-communist, social justice warrior, and gun-grabber — but he just proposed THE BEST IDEA EVER.

Yes, times change, and it takes a big man to admit when he has made a mistake. Yesterday, I mocked the McVarish campaign for e-mailing me, a Canadian living in Korea, soliciting contributions for Scott’s congressional bid, and tempting me with his magnificent fundraising idea, “Impeach Trump” T-shirts. To be honest, I’d like to see Trump impeached — along with nine-tenths of the U.S. Congress and at least six Supreme Court justices, just for starters. But who would be left to vote for the impeachment? Anyway, T-shirts have never been my thing — never wear ’em, even when they are emblazoned with amateurish swamp monster caricatures of Trump. So I had to take a pass on that offer.

But today, all is forgiven and forgotten — the Marxist ideology, the year studying liberation theology in Central America, the abortion rights placards in his campaign site’s background imagery, all washed away by McVarish’s ONE BRILLIANT IDEA.

And here it is, direct from the man himself:

We all know that the moral cowards in Congress will not do anything about guns. The March 24th march against gun scheduled for D.C. will come and go and nothing will happen. I don’t have “the answer” but I do have a LOT of anger. So it’s time to have an appropriate response to this madness. Let’s make the choice terrifying for the Congressmen who are otherwise bought by gun manufacturers. Please take 5 minutes and spread this tweet/post far:

Time 4 REAL action on guns. March on D.C. on 3/24 & then BOYCOTT school starting 3/26 til Congress requires strict background checks for ALL gun/ammo sales & bans all assault weapons. No more senseless deaths. Sign: #guncontrol #NeverAgain #schoolstrike

BOYCOTT SCHOOL!! How insanely simple and obvious! This, if pursued in earnest and without compromise on a broad scale, would  be the answer to most of modern civilization’s greatest ills.

“But wait,” you object, “his reason for promoting this school boycott is to achieve gun confiscation.”

True, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and if ever there was a moment for people on opposite sides of the political divide to put aside their superficial differences for the sake of a greater triumph over the political establishment, this is that moment. In short, who cares why McVarish wants families to boycott public schools? I’ve been arguing for years that a mass exodus from public education’s worldwide progressive worker factory is the only real solution to late modernity’s totalitarian assault on the principles of liberty — I wrote a whole book on the subject, which you should read here! — so if McVarish, or anyone else, is prepared to join me in this fight, who am I to question his motives? 

My only fear, politicians being what they so often are, is that McVarish will lack the courage of his newly-espoused convictions on this issue, and cop out by making his proposed boycott a mere temporary measure. I admit he may not be prepared to stick it out to the bitter end — that is, permanently and without looking back. However, in today’s political climate, where my supposed conservative allies think they can solve the problem of public schooling by expanding federal government control over education by way of the charade of so-called “school choice,” isn’t it small-minded of me to submit potential allies to a purity test?

McVarish is calling for a school boycott. What’s not to love?

Think about it: millions of children and teenagers currently under the moral and intellectual control of a government apparatus designed and administered for the express purpose of stunting development and molding souls for the state’s collectivist utility, suddenly freed from that influence. Millions of souls unshackled from the prison formed of the sad alliance of state micromanagers and complicit parents who have proven unwilling to put their children’s well-being above the ease and comfort of adhering to a government child-rearing program. Millions of young people forced to find meaningful ways to occupy their days, freed to find genuine interests on which to spend their energies, unencumbered by the state’s indoctrination system, human-ranking machinery, and social(ist) pressure cooker of conformity, shunning, and “acceptance.” 

Think: Free souls living as natural young humans, rather than as worker-units-in-training. For that, I would be more than willing to “reach across the aisle” and join forces with a Marxist totalitarian subversive anti-American Constitution-burner. 

And if it turns out that McVarish, like most contemporary politicians before him, is only talking through his hat, and is not prepared to join me in going all the way in MAKING THE SCHOOL BOYCOTT PERMANENT, then, well, it’ll be the ash heap of history for him, like all the rest.

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