Rorschach Test for Republicans

Dr. Oz, a television celebrity who, like his endorser and “friend” Donald Trump, has tried to parlay empty fame and business success into a political career, slightly led Pennsylvania’s GOP senate primary after initial vote counting. Today, it appears that the absentee votes are tipping the scales toward one of Oz’s rivals, Dave MacCormick. 

Donald Trump’s response to this on social media:

I appreciate Trump’s response, because it serves as a final, absolutely revealing Rorschach test for all his supporters from 2020, and all his potential supporters for 2024. “RIGGED?” “FINDING VOTES.” 

To all Republican voters or people sympathetic to “the right” in general, I ask the following question: When you read those words, sent from the Mar-a-Lago throne room, regarding the ballot-counting in a mere senate primary — meaning in a race in which no Democrats are running — which of these options best represents your gut reaction?

(a) “My God, they’re stealing it from us again!”
(b) “Wait a minute! This is not about Democrats stealing an election from Republicans, so why is Trump going there?”
(c) “Well, this pretty much seals the deal on any question of Trump’s real motives in crying ‘Steal’ for the past eighteen months.”

If your gut reaction was (a), then I’m sorry, but your reason is lost forever and you should never be allowed to vote on anything more important than a restaurant choice for the rest of your sad life. If (b), then you are perhaps terminally naïve, or at least still struggling to overcome the past confusions of cult membership, but there may be a sliver of hope for you yet. If (c), then congratulations, you are among the (apparent) minority of Republicans or “conservatives” who have managed to keep their heads while all around them, politically speaking, were losing theirs.

Not to beat a dead horse — well okay, just a little beating of a dead horse — but every single thing about Donald Trump, as a man, as a businessman, and above all as a political figure, has been fraudulent, vainglorious, hateful of the United States of America, and disdainful of the basic intelligence and dignity of the very people whose souls he has deliberately and maliciously manipulated, and whose fear and desperation he has willfully abused with lies since 2015, all for the sake of his own megalomaniacal self-aggrandizement and nothing more.

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