On Becoming God

I had an interesting written exchange with an independent-minded student recently, which I record here (personal details removed) as something to chew on for anyone facing a similar situation.

Student: I need someone who listens to me and who is curious about me.

Teacher: Yes, in general it feels meaningful to know there are people (at least a few) who think that what you say is interesting because you are interesting.

Student: But it feels empty that I need someone.

Teacher: God doesn’t need anyone. For the rest of us, life would be pretty difficult with absolutely no one. That means we “need someone.”

Student: Then I want to be God.

Teacher: A reasonable goal. But until you reach that goal, you will need other humans to some degree. So there is your mission: Reduce the number of humans you really need, and reduce the number of areas in which you need them. But remember, as you do that, not to push away the humans you still need, or resent them for being necessary to you. On the contrary, cherish them for providing what you truly need, and then, when you do become God, remember to appreciate and honor the individuals who stood by you when you still needed people.

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