Recalling the days before tyranny was a conservative position

I merely wish to draw the reader’s attention to Mike Lee’s comments upon leaving the Trump administration’s briefing on the military action against Iran. To insert only the simplest preface, I will say only that Lee, in his typically staccato, rapid-fire way, issues a straightforward reminder of what republican (small-r) government looked like before the Republican (big-R) Party, along with their millions of lapdogs who imagine they are hardnosed anti-establishment swamp-drainers, reinvented “conservatism” as a pro-tyranny perspective. 

Clink on the article linked above, watch the two-minute clip of Lee’s comments, and then ask yourself what kind of country America has become, when a conservative senator has to go to the media to defend the authority of the U.S. Senate to do the job for which the American people elected them.

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