Guns and the Mental Illness Slippery Slope

Once again, we are seeing the danger of Americans having placed the power of the presidency in the hands of a man without any guiding moral or political philosophy beyond “What will make them love me?”

According to Right Scoop, Trump is apparently now open to banning the sale of firearms to people with a “mental illness.”

Mental illness is a category that, in the modern world, is defined largely by social scientists. Social science is, from its historical foundations to its current academic manifestations, essentially a progressive neo-Marxist enterprise, driven by a combination of collectivist political presuppositions and pseudo-scientific “studies” that almost invariably prove exactly what the pre-loaded leftist agenda requires them to prove. (Is denying global warming a mental illness? Are “homophobia” or “Islamophobia” mental illnesses? Is refusing to accept another person’s preferred “gender identity” a mental illness? Is conservatism a mental illness? Is feeling depressed about the condition of modern society a mental illness? Is “distrust of government” a mental illness? There are social scientists who will make the case for each of those, and some of them have contributed to studies funded by U.S. Government agencies.)

So Trump is “open to” letting progressive neo-Marxists decide who, in principle, should be prevented from owning firearms. Gee, I don’t see how anything could go wrong there, do you?

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