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We artificially restrain our boys and girls from developing themselves into young adults, so that by the time they reach the proper physical age for leaping headlong into life, they are so ill-suited to do so that they almost crave the fettered boredom of high school as a means of avoiding a world for which they (correctly) feel utterly unprepared. Again, the crime is not merely that they are prevented from acquiring the knowledge and skills they might otherwise have developed. It is that they are rendered substantially less mentally fit for acquiring that knowledge and those skills; their innate machinery has been rewired for failure and underachievement. How else to define such a procedure, established by force of law, than as compulsory mass retardation?

∼from The Case Against Public Education

“Excellent work.”

∼E. Ray Moore (Chaplain, Lt. Col. USAR Ret.), President, Exodus Mandate;  Leading educational freedom advocate; Bronze Star recipient

“What a gift to find Daren Jonescu–a man of knowledge and simplicity combined into one.”

∼C. Edward McVaneyFounder and former CEO, JD Edwards & Co.; Christian school developer

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